'Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure' | những tin tức về game mới cập nhật tại Bem2

Có phải bạn đang muốn xem thông tin về game phải không? Có phải bạn đang tìm chủ đề minecraft full free đúng vậy không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem những thông tin về nội dung này tại đây nhé.

'Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure' | Tổng hợp những những tin tức về game hay nhất.

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Toàn bộ Minecraft: Story Mode saga hiện đã có sẵn trong các cửa hàng! Đĩa mới ‘Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure’ lần đầu tiên có tất cả 8 tập: 5 tập từ phần ban đầu, cộng với 3 tập từ loạt bổ trợ ‘Adventure Pass’. Nó hiện có sẵn cho PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 và Xbox 360 ở Bắc Mỹ. và sẽ đến các nhà bán lẻ ở Châu Âu bắt đầu từ ngày 28 tháng 10. Đĩa này cũng sẽ đến với PC vào đầu tháng tới. ..

>> Ngoài xem bài viết về nội dung 'Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure' này bạn có thể xem thêm nhiều những tin tức về game khác tại đây: Tại đây.

Vậy là bạn đã xem xong bài viết chủ đề minecraft full free rồi nhé. Ngoài xem các Tin tức game mà chúng tôi cung cấp thì bạn có thể xem thêm nhiều thông tin liên quan đến game, thủ thuật, hướng dẫn, clip game… tại đây nhé: Bem2.vn.

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Rất mong những thông tin về game do Bem2 cung cấp sẽ mang nhiều giá trị cho bạn. Xin chân thành cảm ơn bạn đã theo dõi bài viết chủ đề minecraft full free của chúng tôi.

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The channel with no name

Does anyone think there'll be a one for season 2?

Kimberly Ann Buado

Someone these guys are signing the revenge

Brennan's Channel

heres what telltale should of did. They should have made every game and every episode free! They shouldnt have deleted it off.

Gabriel Vieira

You guys HAVE TO MAKE a season 3, explaining how did the ADMIN got trapped, how did IVOR get the command block, How did Jack Got in the END and got the Elytra if the Ender Dragon got Despawned? These and MANY other faults HAVE TO BE EXPLAINED on Season 3.
And you have to make another season (maybe) To explain how did the Admin get its powers, why has it turned out to be MAD, and exploring EVERYTHING of the newest Updates.

And if HOW did the Old builders existed and How did the order of the Stone was created!

Shy Dovas

Ruben… 🙁

Alejandro Dorime

Nooooooooooooooo que mal que este juego ya no es jugable en celulares porque porque el desarrollador se llevó su proyecto

William Senko

If there was also a season 3…

Phundy The Goat



I just want my games back I'm missing 1 achievement on both


so sad you went out of business


if i buy this now will i be able to play it?


Can you still play this as of 2020 if you have a physical copy?


I miss mincraft story mode

Joseph Bobnick

I just bought the complete adventures on Amazon I'm so excited to play it

Barack Sharp

will MC story mode come back?


Youtube : watch this!

Me: so you want me to buy a Deleted game?😃

Rockid La Canfora

Rip Telltale

연인AKRAM 자 마스

I missed this series so much wow talk about time travell


Question: Since I own the original season pass disc, if I, say, rented a complete adventure disc, put it in my PlayStation, and then downloaded the episodes and return the adventure pass disc, would I keep all 8 episodes for my original disc to be able to play? 🤔

ᑕнιcσ ᗰαяισηєтα

Vuelvan 🙁

Dawn Foye

Telltale games will you make a Minecraft story mode of season 3?

Tangled lovernina

Plz make mcsm season 3

Suzie Urias

Than there me who wishes for season 3 knowing it will never happen

Gabriel Tobing

Will you guys be coming back with more MCSM after being bought by LCG?

Jannelle Guerra

Uhmmm i have the disc of the full adventure but not the complete story?

Sinaí Joadan Valle Navarro

es muy buen juego Minecraft story mode


I wish this was still available


I bought the game with my money and it didnt give me all the episodes nice scam

Kimberly Howard

yayayayay i got a ps3 im going to like this 🙂


I don’t remember building the Pig


0:57 Did anyone notice Stacy’s name was spelled wrong?


rip telltale pls come back i want the games


Oh yeah you can get Minecraft story mode season 1 full on on what was Minecraft story mode season 2 do you have to pay for it where is the complete adventure for Minecraft story mode season 2 how very cruel for the Minecraft fans

Parkuor Lover

PLS return MCSM on Ps4 I want to play 6,7,8 episode PLS!! 🙁


Physical copies of this version is now the only way for us to play every single episode of this game. Rest in peace, Minecraft: Story Mode.


Are they all free I’m not buying it when it’s free



Foxtail Clips

I miss you Telltale 😭😭😭


Awesome! LET'S do 3 Season!)