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Có phải bạn đang muốn xem thông tin về game đúng không? Có phải bạn đang tìm chủ đề pangolin dota 2 đúng không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem những thông tin về chủ đề này tại đây nhé.

Dota 2 Guide – Pangolier | Tổng hợp những những tin tức về game hay nhất.

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Hình ảnh liên quan đến bài viết pangolin dota 2.

Dota 2 Guide - Pangolier

Viết bởi D2Bowie: Twitter: Youtube: Twitch: Instagram: Cảm ơn luki luki: # dota2 #pangolier..

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21 Comement tại “Dota 2 Guide – Pangolier | Tin tức game mới cập nhật tại Bem2”

  1. I prefer to play a little bit different. I buy arcanes and then I make lotus, so I don't have any problems with mana and I can skip that useless talent : +2 mana regen.
    Guys, seriously you buy dragon lance for almost 2k which gives you only +140 range attack, but you won't get a 10 lvl talent which gives you +350 attack range instead of +2 mana regen (about 200 gold or less). Sorry for my eng btw

  2. We're counting turn rate now?. Wow dota has really come a long way

  3. grim stroke hard counter too

  4. As a pango spammer, i think one of the hardest counter to pango is grimstroke. His ult just destroys you so hard, you can't ult during leash, and if he ults you while you roll then you are rooted in place. Basically counters your entire ultimate with almost no counterplay besides linkens.

  5. I really want this for more heroes

  6. Linken is not that good vs bloodseeker because he can use his Bloodrage on you and then his ultimate, i recommend lotus instead of linken.

  7. 2:37 that extra instance of damage is from an auto attack

  8. thanks video, i've found me a new favorite hero

  9. 400 Pango games here, and i want to suggest Vlads for sustain on Pango 3. Actually helps me a lot with mana issues, and the heal is insane after we grab Aghanim's + Level 15 powerspike.

  10. Did I hear that pango is a good laner?

  11. I honestly think Bloodseeker is a bit of a red herring when it comes to counters. Yes, his ult will do a shit load of damage to you in your ult and it definitely deserves to be mentioned in this video. However, linkens aside, there are many ways to play around a bloodseeker.
    – Strength Talent + Blademail will massively dissuade BS from ulti ing you. and if he does he will likely die or seriously damage himself. You can also blademail TP and continue to roll in fountain dealing damage to him.
    – You can always just stop your ulti and disarm him.

    I'd say if you know how to play against BS then he at most, limits your effectiveness

  12. Great guide, as a Pango main with almost 500 games on him just can say that I wish it existed when I just started playing him.
    Also talking about Pango's enemies, Grimstroke is one hell of annoying ass, he can just make you waste all your ult and also undispellable silence is just pure pain.

  13. Best content so far. I hope you can create more of these. Especially the fact that you use all tips and tricks, Streamers to watch, Neutral Items and Friends and Foes.

    I wish you could create again this kind of content on 2-3 stars heroes who have high skill ceilings like Dark Willow, Arc Warden, Chen, etc.

  14. Nice one Sunsfan.Really liked the neutral item part.Nice to see d2bowie on your vids.Keep it up 🙂

  15. Yay please make more

  16. "Has a turn rate of 1." This is true, but more importantly he can attack, move, and use items without facing his target (a property only shared with IO). This means that he can attack while kiting backwards without losing time to turning, blink in any direction instantly, and is relatively unaffected by batrider's napalm. The only thing turn rate really matters for is casting shield crash, and some hero interactions like Medusa's stone gaze.

    Some other things to note:
    You do get an extra hit by going through your target, but the hitbox is tiny. Swashbuckling past is still often useful, but don't count on the hit unless your target is stationary.

    When trying to be sneaky with swashbuckling onto a wardstone, keep in mind that since swashbuckle executes regular attacks, your enemies get vision of you if you hit them. Therefore if it's important that you're swashing to a place they can't see, take care to not hit anyone with it. If you ult after swashbuckling away (and you hit them), consider moving a step away so they can't see.

    While in general it is great to swashbuckle opposite the direction you move, remember that your team might have force staves or cookies to helpfully move you away from the enemy. If you turn around with your swashbuckle, their well-meaning force staff kills you. It's only happened to me like 3 times in hundreds of games, but it feels really stupid when it does. Just remember that if you aren't getting anything done by hitting them (cancel blink, don't need the slow, etc), it's perhaps safer to not, since they won't get vision of you and your team can assist you better.

    I personally like Euls a lot, since it provides initiation, combo extension, survivability and +5 mana regen. Especially for offlane, as it's some of the most cost-efficient mana regen you can get.

    Minotaur horn is great. 1.75 seconds of spell immunity is meh for most heroes, but it's just long enough for Pangolier to cast his ult; the time he's most vulnerable.

    Also an important note: If you're facing a Rubick, get shield crash lv 8 so you can prevent him from stealing rolling thunder.

    Bloodseeker is a pain in the ass, but there are things you can do to him. Without his ult, your kit destroys him, as he doesn't have an answer to your disarm. If he ruptures someone else in a teamfight, charge in with your ult and rip him to pieces. I find Clinkz much harder to deal with since Pangolier just can't deal with his skeletons.

  17. Dota 2 Bowie is the MAAAAAAAAn

  18. The only hero that made me watch dota video cz so many meme came from this guy. Lol

  19. level 23 pango spammer here. it's worth mentioning that when you play against bloodseeker as an offlane pango, vlads is an extremely good item because you can lifesteal so much from creep waves with it. it's also a good starting item for an aura build, which in my opinion is more effective when you play against bloodseeker. buy linkens only when you are playing mid pango, or maybe if you're having a good enough game from the offlane.

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