They are also told to be very careful in defining the project/policy which is the subject of their analysis.

We must be careful about condition (12) which specifies that the two upper surfaces have the same convexity.


We thank the referee for a very careful reading of the manuscript and helpful suggestions.

In general, problems with multiple copies mean that this technique, unlike others, should be used with careful consideration.

Careful observation and description of tropical forest change provides the material from which specific hypotheses must be formulated and examined.

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Perhaps this can be a good thing, encouraging more careful listening.

Consequently, careful cardiac and peripheral vascular examination should be undertaken in older syncopal patients.

The causal role of phonology in visual word recognition is difficult to establish unambiguously even after many years of careful research.

These variations in techniques probably represent areas where standards of care are yet to be established by careful collection of data.

In political science, the task is more difficult, and requires either comparative analysis or the careful use of counterfactual scenarios.

Future editions of still unpublished works, and careful studies of already published writings, hopefully will make a comprehensive account of this subject possible.

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Its ethos was one of careful reflection and of enjoying ideas and communicating them.

At the same time, the need for careful linguistic description is as urgent as ever, for the dual purposes of scientific inquiry and clinical application.

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This study demonstrates that careful adaptation to sea level rise can reduce the cost of coastal impacts dramatically.

This tailoring of approaches to suit his intended audience depended upon a careful appreciation of the desires of each party and strict secrecy.

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