The walkin clinic is located in a community health centre.

To improve this situation the possibility of using a large walkin cage to study mating, sterile male quality and other quality control parameters associated with tsetse mass rearing was investigated.


Furthermore, call screening and patient education by nurses reduced the number of unnecessary patient visits to the practice or walkin clinics and inappropriate utilization of emergency departments for minor conditions.

In partnership with the local community trust, a walkin centre has been established, offering a seamless service to patients.

We are developing a limited number of pilot schemes for walkin centres in city centres, shopping centres and city-centre hospitals.

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The walkin health centres sound like a good idea—although they will probably stimulate extra demand, which is a great misfortune.

It is to create a walkin shower on the ground floor, in a space that is readily identifiable.

How often do people come to our surgeries and tell us that all they want—all that represents happiness for them—is a walkin shower?

I was told a year ago that my bathroom would be changed to a walkin shower.

No decisions have been made about the number or range of further walkin centres which might be developed in the future.

It is important that we evaluate walkin centres, which are still pilot projects, before extending the funding nationally.

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The national health service walkin centres are not open between 10 pm and 7 am.

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What profession could supply a walkin service on a street corner in every tiny community?

There are walkin centres, minor injury units, community care centres and proposed diagnostic and treatment centres, all of which have little or no night provision.

Turn right and right again through a door which, in the original building, was the entrance to a large walkin store cupboard.

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