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Shower Scene/I quite scene's From Ender's game English | Tổng hợp những Clip game hay nhất.

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Shower Scene/I quite scene's From Ender's game English


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48 Comement tại “Shower Scene/I quite scene's From Ender's game English | Video game mới nhất từ Bem2”

  1. I love ender’s voice

  2. If I would be Bonzo I would never do that

  3. I hated it when Bonzo started fighting with that poor boy in the shower

  4. The kid fought really well he’s so cool

  5. 1:22 voice crack

  6. Get this boi something to eat, he skinny as hell. My boy be lookin like a twig straight off of a tiny tree.

  7. Anderson_JAG YouTube Chann. 2021-01-21 lúc 6:44 sáng

    Psychopaths/Sociopaths are a cancer for society and must be eradicated from Earth's face. Bravo for Ender!. No mercy!.

  8. 1:01 I CoUld BReak yOuR aRm

  9. That’s funny

  10. OMG Is he okay?

  11. Bonzo got a funny nose

  12. I just love Enders squeaky voice

  13. Am dissapointed…. I expected a gang rape attempt.

  14. I was in the theatre when this happen, one of the audience member got up and scream " Fuck yeah, u the man Ender", and everyone stared back at him.

  15. no! he was supposed to have pushed his nose into the brain! and a crotch shot too. eh, it's understandable, guess you can't show that in a movie ,eh?

  16. And it also says that dink meeker was there….and there was more drama in the book too for me the book is way better

  17. This differ from the book…..he didn't hit his head on the floor….Ender was so pose to kick him in his crotch read the book…

  18. You start it I end it, permanently.

  19. God this such a sa stifled scene in book slash movies. You can't find a single person who outright said "I love Bonzo" that just nonsense.

  20. Bullies chose their own tragedy when they think they're hot shit!

  21. Can I ask if anyone heard the music?

  22. When does he think you are supposed to fight back?

  23. Finished in under TWO minutes, wow I thought the midget actually would last longer than that fat boy at enders school.

  24. He'll always be Rico from the Hanna Montana days.

  25. Wow, that's pretty sad, the least he could have done was let the poor kid finish his shower and then get right to it elsewhere. I really don't like Bonzo, thinks he's such a bad ass just because he's a team leader and that he had the hots for that one girl who clearly likes the other guy. Fight me in the shower, boy you must be gay. 

  26. Ok this is really gay why would you want to fight a naked boy in the shower

  27. Quality like mad

  28. Wait….didn't Ender kill him by forcing his head into Bonzo's face?

  29. Ender beet his ass

  30. I can never take Moises Arias seriously.. lmao

  31. I love how the bully is a midget, it would have made more sense if he was bigger

  32. Doggo And Doggo Accessories 2021-01-21 lúc 6:44 sáng

    That was the absolute gayest death ever I've ever seen in a movie. -5/10 stars is what ender's game deserves. The book is incomparably better.

  33. what a midget

  34. Ok, Right now I'm gonna be that person who compares this to the book, and says that the book does it better. Why couldn't they stick to how it actually happened? In the book, the commanders/ teachers come in immediately and try to shield Ender from bonzos death. I don't like that Ender screamed for help in this scene. Enders reaction just seems more powerful in the book.

  35. With that said, no I couldn't stand Bonzo. I had to deal with people like that in high school.

  36. I agree Bonzo shouldn't let jealousy rule his judgement. Then again with all the macho grandstanding you see at that age in today's high schools, the vastly higher pressure of "best of the best" military training, the fate of the earth in play and the absence of family can strip away emotional endurance. Thus opening the door for children to "act like children" – in this case they play the part in the worst possible way.

  37. it was much more of an accident in the book and ender never had a clue he was dead

  38. Ha moises arias shaved his head for the 3 seconds in the movie

  39. is he dead?!

  40. He could of broken his arm but insted he broke whis neck

  41. *that shit

  42. OMG Asa. Butterfield is so fucking attractive. And Bonzo deserve that shot.m

  43. He. he. he. He. That little sack of shit had that comming.

  44. Honestly, I didn't feel that bad for Bonzo when this happened…

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