However, it suffers from a number of shortcomings.

But whatever his personal shortcomings may have been, his detailed description of an outstanding example of late eighteenth-century acting remains an illuminating document.


Understandable in an article written for a general audience, this omission was a glaring shortcoming for the entire edifice.

Despite their shortcomings, both initiatives dramatically improved hemispheric relations.

Despite the theoretical shortcomings of most of the essays, however, they are frequently rich in information and ethnographic detail.

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This examination of ethnic and socio-economic variation in social exchange among older adults addresses several shortcomings of previous research.

Nor, it must be said, does the book contain any references or bibliography, a shortcoming which seriously detracts from its usefulness.

This survey and tutorial presents the main developments in controlling partial deduction over the past 10 years and analyses their respective merits and shortcomings.

Their ‘performances’, if they can be termed such, are often only moments when these shortcomings were exposed for the amusement of an audience.

The book is not free of shortcomings, which is perhaps not surprising given the novelty of the subject and the size of the text.

Having said that, the shortcoming does not detract from an otherwise carefully researched and insightful account of right-wing women’s activism.

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These shortcomings lead me to recommend this volume for classroom use provided it is heavily supplemented by other texts.

The general message is that though nobody wants the old system back, there remain many shortcomings.

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Unlike them, however, he is critical of it and recognizes its shortcomings.

An empirical shortcoming is the de-emphasis of the contribution that conscious will makes to voluntary action.

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