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Image related to subject ROSÉ – 'On The Ground' M/V MAKING FILM

ROSÉ - 'On The Ground' M/V MAKING FILM
ROSÉ – 'On The Ground' M/V MAKING FILM

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Image related to subject ROSÉ – 'On The Ground' M/V MAKING FILM

ROSÉ - 'On The Ground' M/V MAKING FILM
ROSÉ – 'On The Ground' M/V MAKING FILM

Information related to the subject ROSÉ – 'On The Ground' M/V MAKING FILM.


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45 Comement tại “ROSÉ – 'On The Ground' M/V MAKING FILM | Website Instructions tips”

  1. AMAZİNG baybbb SOO CUTEEE exciteddddd

    unnie ama unnie cuida

  3. __Ɓɬųɛ ʂƙy ༻࿔ྀඊູཀ༎ຶ 2021-03-23 lúc 12:21 sáng

    Rosé is the only one who can look elegant and fierce at the same time!!!

    And that's a fact, PERIODT!

  4. Rose: Everyone it's the last scene
    "Everyone scream"
    Me following screaming
    *Scream cutely*
    Like everyone do XD✨

  5. She really is an angel! So kind, humble, funny, pretty, cute, talented!! Love her 🥺

  6. Her and Jisoo made me cry…

  7. 6M🥵

  8. rose and jisoo♡

  9. Omg is that Jisoo without makeup?

  10. Did someone see Lisa at last ?
    She is supported her bestfriend 😭

  11. DoN't Do CaMeRaa ViDeo~

  12. On the ground😚😚😚😚

  13. Belo trabalho

  14. Ela é muito fofa deus

  15. You can see lisa at 5:56 near the van ????

  16. 1:11 how supportive our jisoo is!!! 🙌💖

  17. Me encanto el detrás de cámaras fue realmente hermoso

  18. Jisson look so different her face is like what I'm thinking is will you guys will know

  19. Do you know what is she playing at 1:40

  20. Alexandre Pereira de Oliveira 2021-03-23 lúc 12:21 sáng

    uau, show de bola

  21. You know, rosé has both debuted solo, opened a youtube channel and opened a tiktok.
    Rosé solo came out; lisa and jisoo solo wanted.
    Tiktok opened an account; He was lynched for no other members
    YT opened the channel people talked about more than ten jisoo
    Rosenin has news on everything about yt channel, no one talks about rosé
    The subscriber of the Yt channel is also in the middle
    Her life increased when Jennie and Lisa were found, but rosé didn't even get 2M.
    Do not neglect separating the members! How much Rosé has done now!

  22. 💖💖💗💗❤❤💓💓

  23. She's so pretty 🥺💛

  24. stay safe stay home


  26. Тут есть русские?🥺

  27. Rosé is sooo pretty 💕💕💕


  29. Wow Jisoo Is Very Proud At Her Little Sister! And Rosè Your very lucky! And jisoo Thank you for what you did To Our Main Vocalist

  30. im dying for an ACTRESSÉ

  31. Belo trabalho, virei seu fã

  32. Still prefer jennie’s solo.. but rosè still remains my bias.
    In my opinion, “Don’t to know what to do” shoul been her solo.

  33. She's sooo pretty

  34. Queen Rosé ya'll

  35. Lisa in behind the scenes? 5:55😱😱

  36. Rosé maniaaaa….mantap.

  37. i see LISA

  38. 당신을 혼자 사랑하는 것은 최고의 것이었습니다.

  39. เราคือ ใคร 2021-03-23 lúc 12:21 sáng

    5:55 Lisa is that🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😚😚😚😚

  40. Blinks just google who is the ugliest in blackpink you all will be shoked!!

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