The scythe remained useful for awkward pieces and opening out fields for reapers.

In an increasingly predatory global market, it could mean the difference between a bountiful harvest and a visit from the grim reaper.


Up to 1900, mostly reapers, though combined mower/reapers play some part.

Old women and identity maintenance : outwitting the grim reaper.

Thus, because the grain harvest was mechanised even as it shrank substantially after 1880, simply counting reapers will progressively understate the trend away from hand methods, whereas this reflects it.

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He did not mean death, the grim reaper of us all.

It is almost as if they have employed the grim reaper as their spin doctor.

Where are you going to get the labour to drive these self-binding reapers?

It must be cut by the self-binding reaper.

Where are you going to get the men to use three horses in a self-binding reaper, especially on a field that is not too level?

I personally have strong hopes that, so far as our representatives are concerned, they will prove good reapers.

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All of that has now gone, to be replaced by the modern version of the solitary reaper on a combine harvester.

Say he is working 50 acres, and he has a piece of agricultural machinery such as a reaper.

We are all very pleased when there is an escape from this fearsome type of reaper.

Will he be entitled to receive a grant for machinery, such as a reaper and binder, to help with the corn harvest?

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