This ordinance is challenged by a landlord who has no plans for conversion.

Several ordinances in the eighteenth century required everyone who housed visitors from outside the city to register them with local officials.


Ordinance 9 of 1882 abolished the capitation tax and reinstated the export duty on plantation crops to finance the scheme.

Acoustics and communications describe it as randomness and as disturbance while noise ordinances have in the past simply identified it as loud sound.

They are also drawn from a variety of source material: poetry, statutes and ordinances, chronicles, account books.

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With a zoning ordinance, there was a plan of classification that was presumed to be valid.

From a petition to the city authorities as a response to this ordinance we can infer that such practices were quite common.

The main piece of evidence for this is a statute of 1436 requiring all gilds to register their ordinances with local authorities.

Workmen were summoned and reminded of duties written down in ordinances.

Under the 1643 ordinance, sellers, guarantors and buyers in land transactions had all faced imprisonment, and the sellers had also faced subsequent exile.

This ordinance prohibited, however, only land sales which transferred ownership permanently to the purchaser.

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Local option was to be used again, under similar circumstances, in the revised squatter ordinance of 1937.

However, the opinion goes well beyond acknowledging specific statutory and constitutional authority for the municipal ordinance.

They agreed that the ordinance is unconstitutional, but because it is over-broad.

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The ordinance officially put a stop to unregulated cutting of sandalwood.

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