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Image related to subject NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – March 3, 2021

NBC News NOW Full Broadcast - March 3, 2021
NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – March 3, 2021

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President Biden and Senate Democrats agree to set limits to stimulus checks, testimony from top national security officials describes the “unusual” line of ….

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Image related to subject NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – March 3, 2021

NBC News NOW Full Broadcast - March 3, 2021
NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – March 3, 2021

Information related to the subject  .

President Biden and Senate Democrats agree to set limits to stimulus checks, testimony from top national security officials describes the “unusual” line of ….

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  1. 15:23 Oh, BOY! Fireworks! LOL! idiots. Saw that last week!

  2. Biden stop the lies we just need a Bill to help people drop all the other bills for now

  3. That church is a false church

  4. One good attorney could change our map

  5. You shouldn't have gave me a bigmac with glass in it. Here is a hint bobby battle

  6. I have a prison whistle a border whistle a mental health department whistle a gag order whistle. A child protective service whistle. Hospital whistle. Vaccine whistle. Housing authority whistle. All day baby im breathing fine.

  7. Blowing whistle's all day.

  8. Oklahoma put out now hiring signs and not hiring. Audit the 52.

  9. States take interest fees on child support

  10. States steal from gov

  11. Fathers with child support have not received any stimulus.

  12. Fake news media! what a shame!

  13. How about a new idea for the mainstream media reporting. Put the microphone to the person who can give the answers on capital hill either senators or congress in real time and try not to cut them off instead of weak reporting by hearing your personal news station left views. So that we can all as citizens make decisions on our own about what we think. Personally dont want to hear your narrative .

  14. the democrats makes a end of ore democtaty

  15. you have to look by liberal havemind for the real news

  16. Should states that lift mask mandates and then show spikes in the virus be denied additional federal covid assistance?

  17. I think nothing is over , good is keeping masks on and hands washed, but people keeping dies all the time no matter what they say, they can say anything they wanted it's about talks we can name its.

  18. I heard relived covid check every day they kept talking about relived check over again, they have not good to say.

  19. I love fauchie he's a great Dr, person, & informant on vaccines

  20. 90+ % of this bill has nothing to do with covid. Fraud, Treason, just what everyone with an IQ approaching room temperature would expect from this corrupt administration and compromised legislature.

  21. Slime???? It PASS


  23. Republicans wanted to hault immigrants from coming into this country, think about it , Trump & McConnell are married to immigrants that came to this country, Malania worked in America without a visa or green card. McConnells wife & family are under investigation for misuse if her office & they Received millions in PPP funds(possible fraud)

  24. Well, I would tell a person not to touch me, especially a man. They have a voice, tell the person at the time of encounter, not bring it up years, months later. These women just want attention. You have a voice, Use it.!

  25. The only way to be protected from a virus everyone have to have on their own oxygen suit the mass is a joke

  26. The FCC must shut down these right wing news stations that are lying to Americans daily.

  27. There's a flurry of action from the Democrats the Republicans could care less. Count on GOP you're a out on the street . Vote GOP at least we'll all be out on the street together because of the GOP country club in the Senate. January 6th was a Trump set-up. Trump crippled all security under the counter so to speak. If Trump wasn't such a moron, they might have successfully killed Democrats and turned us into a facists country. The GOPs not neanderthal, they just don't care about poor and middle class (that they haven't already broken or killed off) dying.

  28. biden is just a kid in a toy store with free reign. The toys are our country. Watch how many toys he breaks from stupidity not knowing the right way to play with them. Then when he is done he will leave the next kid a broken toy box, try to get him to share in a bipartisan positive way, NOT !!! he just says he will share but watch what he really does !

  29. For the people act. Means against the people act

  30. Thank god this will help so many families including mines.. We where illegally evicted during this Pandemic Sept 2020 & Lost our Dogs 🐕 🐶 . BUT ….. We have God on our side and we moved in to a New House…. God Is Great !!!!

  31. \\ UN CRIMES In the city of Great Spinoza //// UN Employees criminalize themselves 10 times over by –1) Accepting No Palestinians Crime by their murdering THE ISRAELI OLYMPICS TEAM in Germany –2) Same by blaming Israeli victims by Palestinians during 74-yr WAR & TERROR by them rejecting the "1947 UN SHARING Palestine" (Israel accepted it prior to said War-Terror) –3) Same by blaming Israeli victims acting in defense of such non-stop/74-yrs peace-refusals murders of women, children and men (non-stop for criminals'-families are paid for that and religiously glorified in public –4) Same by blaming "No-alternative but a Separating Wall" –5) Same by restrained Army Defense against such no-peace/non-stop Palestinian Terror (mainly Gazans) –6) Same by curbing shedding light on some dark corners of Anti-Semitic UN voting members [e.g., Violating Moses Coveting Command] –7) Same by TEAM SOWING SHAME on own nomination with more "Peace" under Palestinian MUFTI-LEADER MEETING with Hitler, that has remained time-invariant, STEALTH Kumpf –8) Same by Violating own LON-UN LAW: PALESTINE IS HOMELAND OF THE JEWISH NATION ['in'] –9) Same under U.S. LAW [Id.] -10) Same by CLAIMING BASIC "LAND-GRAB CRIMES" EVEN DURING 1847-LIBEL POGROMS" [Id.]///

  32. Oh you've got to listen seriously to Blinken Lincoln ….. The Republican with Nerves of steel/steal

  33. She called The LA Lakers The N word and she still have her at NBC.

  34. It was not proven who killed the American contractor, which resulted in Trump's murder of Gen Suleimani.

    Better prove who did these attacks before blaming the wrong people. The list of suspects are: Israel to provoke an attack on Iran, ISIS to do the same, Iran for retaliation and Iraq for revenge.

    Don't attack until you can prove who did it.

  35. "Conspiracy Theories". These reporters don't have much of a brain if they truly believe this old man, who will NOT take questions, won. Pitiful!

  36. The only humans on Earth are black so everytime a white person, or non Black so called person thinks it's Neanderthal thinking.

  37. America $10,000 rims on a $200 car.

  38. America a third world country with nice furnishings.

  39. It is Nice, that everyone wants this Nation to 'Serve Everyone Equally'.
    Although, I personally don't want to share in with many 'Other Cultures', within America.
    Especially, with all of the 'Extremist Behavior', which is not much different than the Behavior, we have seen for Years,
    in 'Other Nations', as it would relate to Suicide Bombers, Hostage Taking, the Violence against People in Public, etc…
    All of which, 'IS NOT', what those who are not 'Extremist', should take part in, well rather 'Behaviors'… If 'IS NOT', was not clear, as to what was being referenced.

  40. stock market health why should we wasting money for this? 1.9 trIllion going to where? corrupt into someone pocket?

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