The monsters he encounters on his quest are not actual, but oversized creations of an imagination that threatens to slip from manly control.

Because monsters are always the constitutive outside of normativity, the scapegoats constructed of society’s devouring anxieties, they can never safely be tucked away.


The dream of reason and its “transcendental ego” appeared to have joined with alltoo-human empirical egos to engender monsters on all sides.

In the process of instructing the world, they developed a political culture that nourishes both liberal dreams and illiberal monsters.

With monsters like these lurking, the need for a modesty board to shield miniskirted legs from the predatory gaze becomes self-evident.

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The music is reputed to be very good, the miniatures are fanciful, with monsters and ludicrous bodies in many borders of the book.

Cowardly guile is the main trait of that monster’s character.

He also reported that many supposed these monsters to be spirits or devils, a point of view he did not quite endorse.

The threatening agents were wild animals, monsters, burglars, or nature forces such as storms, fires, or floods.

Few people regularly worry about being chased by animals, monsters, aliens, or strangers, but they may nevertheless frequently dream about such events.

The compound naeligshleo”um, used for a place where water monsters lie, could be envisaged as a headland with hollowed-out shelves.

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Because ghosts are inextricable from what we already know, they are usually excluded from surveys of popular monsters.

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In the external world, how can colour pacify these internalized monsters?

Of course, monsters can be upbeat too, as other countless cases of supermen testify.

Transgressive terms for monsters and occult demiurges are another area in which the register is frankly an effort to come to grips with radical alterity.

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