The heroine’s role is that of an object of exchange between two knights who use her as a testing ground for their own honor.

A prince’s entourage provided his closest friends, his most trusted servants, the knights on whom he relied in time of crisis.


The authors’ account of the knights’ decline and partial revival in the nineteenth century makes an argument about institutional continuity.

Other sculptures inside the castles were mainly large-sized western knights or nudes.

There were twenty-one knights, but these too were more often lawyers, merchants and colonial administrators rather than landed gentry.

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To what extent did the knights succeed in their policy ?

Sixteen members of this study (64 %) were knighted at some stage of their careers.

They must be ‘something close to knights or perfect altruists’.

As stated, the custom’s first tenet implies the existence of some dishonorable knights who will harm women alone.

By contrast, in the ‘central region’ of the lordship some military tenancies were composed of multiple knights’ fees, and were distributed over wide geographical areas.

In two direct interventions, the narrator insinuates that the knights who stay home pursue their quarry as successfully as the hunters.

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Both were knighted, becoming famous names in the world of public relations.

In 1119, for example, the prince collected a force of 700 knights and 4,000 infantry.

He also writes to a general audience of ladies, knights, poets, rivals, patrons, clerics, and jongleurs.

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A resultant corollary is that prudent damsels would be advised to seek a strong knight’s protection.

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