Jr. & Marcus Talk: iParty With Victorious | Clip game mới nhất từ Bem2

Có phải bạn đang muốn xem Video game mà Bem2 cung cấp đúng không? Có phải bạn đang tìm chủ đề ender’s game clip 1 đúng vậy không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem những thông tin về nội dung này tại đây nhé.

Jr. & Marcus Talk: iParty With Victorious | Tổng hợp những Clip game hay nhất.

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48 Comement tại “Jr. & Marcus Talk: iParty With Victorious | Clip game mới nhất từ Bem2”

  1. We included as many clips as we could without getting blocked. It's nice to be back!

  2. wait, when was cat on icarly? where did she and sam meet before, other than the party?

  3. There was a Zoey101 where “Drake Bell” played at the school. This universe hurts my head.

  4. in the episode “Who Did it to Trina?” they made a reference to Drake & Josh the TV show which is after they have already established Helen as the principal

  5. Spencer shay has been to Hollywood arts. It was one of the plays maybe she-cago he was seen in the audience

  6. So fun story, my mom was actually a big fan of Victorious when my little sister and I would watch. So we just finished watching the show from beginning to end and she was practically livid when I told her it got canceled without a proper ending. But I showed her IPWV and even though the setup wasn't there, we both liked the idea of it being the finale for Victorious

  7. so happy to know u are a fellow jimmy neutron enthusiast

    pour one out for season 4

  8. Nobody ever found Gibby funny.

  9. Disney Channel did better crossovers hell, even the cartoon they had before did it even better.

  10. It's the nickelodeon cenimatic universe before the mcu took off now I wanna see icarly victorious zoey 101 and drake and josh in one big crossover

  11. jerry trainer also appears as an audience member in trina's chicago performance – so was that spencer, or just yet another random doppleganger? if it is spencer, why would spencer be at a random performing arts school in LA, watching a random high school students musical?

  12. I am fine with Gibby to a degree. He’s over used for sure. I found him funny when I was younger, but I think most of his jokes got a lot more repetitive as I got older. I think they especially overused him towards the end of the show because he’s a side character and never should have even so heavily pushed into their friend group when he never really fit beside just being in time to time.

  13. lmaoo and the random panda that kept hitting people with the tennis racket was actually T-BO

  14. There are 3 Toris because In Sam and Cat the a girl from Zoey101 was in Sam and Cat. Also Henry Danger is in the same universe because Cat's brother is Frankini and Goomer is his sidekick and he confirmes it. Also, Thunderman's are in the same universe as Henery Danger because of their crossover. Basically superheroes exist in that universe! So do ghost because of the Haunted Hathaway's and the Thunderman's cross over. I'm pretty sure Game Shakers is in that universe as well. They did mention Drake and Josh as a show and same with ICarly because Nathan Kress guest stared at himself and they say it's a show… So my brain hurts…

  15. The girl from Zoey101, who had the obsession with swabs. Didn't she appear in Sam and Cat? I think Crazy Steve did as well.

  16. I just wanna say that Drake & Josh is the most confusing part in this crazy universe. There are various times where it shown as a TV show. Like iGet Pranky for example. But there is a Zoey 101 episode, Season 1 I think, where the gang goes to a concert with Drake BELL. Not Drake Parker. So, does that mean there's Drake Parker AND Drake Bell in the SAME universe? They're both essentially the same person except Drake Parker has quite an ego on himself. It's very strange and confusing.

  17. do a video analysing jade and cats friendship !!

  18. Season 4 of iCarly is the start of the series where everything gets weird and doesn't feel like "iCarly" anymore. I hope I'm not the only one that thinks this. And I think the same way with this episode since it's the last episode of Season 4.

  19. I seriously hope I'm not the only person who realizes that Cat's brother is Frankini

  20. Why do you think Nickelodeon never did a Crossthough with either their animated programs or live action programs as the other 2 big kids networks Cartoon Network and Disney Channel did it at least once https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CrossThrough&ved=2ahUKEwiL0_jApcruAhWWWM0KHcuPDlcQFjAAegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw1V7aYW3mPPUqf2GEOpNPU8 ?

  21. What's your thoughts on the DCLAU ?

  22. While I do love the crossover and the song at the end, I really do wish they had more character interactions. Now a really bad crossover is the Suite Life crossovers on Disney. There's a whole rant I could go on with those, but it is funny when you put into perspective how weird that TeenNick universe really was

  23. Don't you mean the "crossover" is before Begging on your knees?, Because in the ICarly episode Jade has longer brown hair and thicker eyebrows while in the Victorious episode she has a little shorter black hair and thinner eyebrows.
    Yes, I keep track of time by the look of Jade.

  24. Also, the hat Gibbie is wearing is litterally a Drake and Josh hat

  25. There were three drake and Josh characters in the episode I start a fan war

  26. Maybe Helen is just a famous actress who was on Drake and Josh, which qualifies her to teach at a prestigious performing arts school. She just played a character with the same name as her, like Victoria Justice/Tori Vega or Miley Cyrus/Miley Stewart.

  27. You should react to icarly comic con episode that has jack black in it

  28. I thought you were gonna watch it but this is better, i remember you mentioned your gonna "watch it" in your stream

  29. they should have had the special be like, this is basiclly fanfic:

    the first episode:
    as a reward for the students, hollywood arts contacts icarly to ask if they can perform a live segemnt of icarly for the students before summer break because the students like the show. spencer sees the message and thinks it is going to be great for icarly and the students accepts without carly's and the other's knowledge, carly obviously freaks out as she's never performed live. sam and freddie convince carly that it will be fine and that they should do it, carly is mad but goes along with it. they make their way to hollywood arts and meet with the victorious gang and get along instantly (they are obviouly fans of the show), both groups agreet ohang out with each other and explore hollywood.

    the second episode:
    chaos ensues as the icarly and victorious crew go around hollywood, going to famous places in victorious but end up at the karaoke bar, they all lose track of time and the hollywood art people are waiting for them to perform, icarly sees that the victorious crew can sing and ask if they want to sing on icarly which they agree to which causes carly to remeber about the live icarly segement they were suposed to be at. freaking out all of them run down to the school jsut before the show was about to be canceled which is were we get the finale song (which is diffrent form the original)

  30. AHHHHHHHHHHH he finally did it (has heart attack)

  31. And there's another Jeanette in Zoey 101

  32. Maybe Helen is an actor on drake and josh

  33. I honestly hated this crossover episode the plot of their boyfriends secretly cheating on both of them was so stupid. Like they couldn’t think of a better way to get them to meet each other.

    Also like you said the characters barely interacted with each other which is so stupid because that’s the point of a crossover episode or special

  34. if miranda cosgrove did not look like michael jackson enough normally, she sure as hell does with the fake botox

  35. 12:40 remember when Freddie said he didn't find Fred Figglehorn that funny?… I'll be damned if both aren't valid opinions, but I fear for you now like I feared for him then 😂

  36. Speaking of double characters, there's also two Leon Thomas's because he played Harper on that iCarly episode where the web show became a tv show, and obviously he was also Andre Harris on Victorious.

  37. Ashley BurchettAJLeefanlove23love 2021-02-04 lúc 11:05 chiều

    This crossover wasn’t all that looking back at it

  38. Gibby was so random, I don’t think he should’ve been a main character. What did he do other than take off his shirt and his catchphrase which got old fast

  39. Drake and Josh has to be a reality show because crazy Steve exists in Sam and Cat. And if drake and Josh is a show in victorious then it has to be a reality show

  40. Drake from Drake and Josh also preformed a concert at PCA in Zoey 101 so where that would fit in the timeline is anyone’s guess

  41. Dan said the last scene was not in character. It was the actors singing, that’s why Sam and cat saw each other but didn’t officiait meet till Sam and cat. I think this was in dan’s blog

  42. There are scenes in icarly where they are watching drake and Josh

  43. They glanced over and I thought they were going to go where I thought about it. That part where they expose him on ICarly? Who saw it? Definitely not no million people. Some random stream at a party it is maybe 10 11 and night,1 am central,2 am on the East,an hour earlier places in Canada. They would be lucky if maybe 1,000 people saw it. Again when they had the problem with Make It Shine I thought they were going to say how did The ICarly people know the words? lol

  44. Drake And Josh also started out as an All That sketch. The plot doth thicken

  45. Big Bang could be nice

  46. In Victorious, Cat explains "how Trina got into Hollywood Arts", but she describes an episode of Drake and Josh where they get a job packaging sushi, and Tori says "I think that happened on a TV show" and then says "Drake and Josh". So yeah, Drake and Josh is a TV show in Victorious. Also, there would be three Daniella Monets because she also appeared as a background character in iCarly, when Nora has a birthday party (Daniella attends) and then kidnaps Freddie, Sam and Carly.

  47. I watched iCarly and Victorious, but I don't remember this episode. I remember the episode where Victoria Justice showed up in iCarly as a kickboxer though.

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