Under water and acid hydrolysis copper acetylide produces essentially acetylene.

For instance, several manganese carbides have been prepared and their hydrolysis products studied.


Since oligomer solubilities fall by a factor of four to five for each added unit, hydrolysis becomes increasingly less significant with size.

Lipid hydrolysis was also detected by measuring lipase activity with glycerol ester as substrate.

Transition state structure and rate determination for the acylation stage of acetylcholinesterase catalyzed hydrolysis of (acetylthio)choline.

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These hydrolysis products are translocated across the scutellum by a number of secondary active carrier systems.

This pattern of hydrolysis indicates that the unknown trisaccharide is planteose.

Since they do not surround starchy tissue which requires hydrolysis during germination, it is unlikely that this aleurone produces large quantities of -amylases.

In addition, starch, sugars produced by its hydrolysis, and the resulting changes in osmotic potential all appear to be potentially important regulators.

The activity blot analyses indicated that at least some of these activities contributed to the hydrolysis of trypsin and chymotrypsin substrates.

Bioassays of isolated glucosinolate hydrolysis products, extracts of brassica residues and brassica residues themselves demonstrate that seed germination, emergence and growth are each adversely affected.

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Localization of the enzyme responsible for hydrolysis of the external substrate is a matter to be resolved.

This association markedly increases the hydrolysis of peptides, without affecting the rate of hydrolysis of proteins.

The resulting fast gut passage rates may not provide enough time for the complete hydrolysis of sucrose.

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In the aqueous environment, hydrolysis or other reactions fragmented the compact structures into two or more matching molecules, occasionally producing simple living systems.

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