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How To Use Dahlia In Xenoblade 2 | Tổng hợp những Clip game hay nhất.

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How To Use Dahlia In Xenoblade 2

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46 Comement tại “How To Use Dahlia In Xenoblade 2 | Clip game mới nhất từ Bem2”

  1. I got her when I made a joke about hating odd numbers, from a common core crystal (Might of been rare core crystal).

  2. I have a question I think it might’ve been in your tiers list but I remember you saying that Elma and Fiora shouldn’t be used on Nia which is confusing because doesn’t Nia have the second best twin ring kit?

  3. well, same song and dance I think, Ill really try with this one to make it a bit more unique and it may seem OP in some aspects, but Ill try to explain why later

    Fireworks – Active/Party Skill – Raises Crit but 10% (Max 40%) & Raises Damage by 50%~250% (Max 200%~1000%) peer Broken Orb in a Chain Attack
    Opportunist – Passive – 100% Chance to set opposite Elemental Orb when Finishing Blade Combo
    Spotlight – Party Skill – Same

    soooo, right out the gate the 2 party skills… but, and the main BUT here is Fireworks would be made so its Party Effect is only active while in a Chain Attack, also, the ~ in Fireworks is to separate the effect a bit, that is to say when an Orb is broken she'll gain and aditional 50% damage to herself to a max of 200%, BUT aditionally she'll add 250% to the Bonus Damage of the Chain attack to a Max of 1000%, so when you start the 2nd and so on Chain attack after the first one, from the get go youll start with a free 1000% Damage Bonus as long as Dalia is in the activation of the Chain attack, thus making Dalia a support type Blade with a focus on Chain Attacks, but a really damn good one too, a specialist on the field

    note, cause every comment seems to need them, I set the Lvs of the skills I say to Lv5 so thats why Opportunist is 100%

  4. I hate this blade but good guide anyways

  5. I was really unlucky and had my XC2 save be in group 1 where Dahlia is almost as rare as Kosmos. I got Kosmos before Dahlia, but I did not care about Kosmos. So Dahlia was the one I spent several days or weeks grinding core crystals to get. Because of how rare she was, and the fact that she is the last blade in order in the blade menu (before updates), I was expecting her to be the most powerful one. I was so shocked to find out she was so low tier. I was also totally unaware of her controversy until I got her, which literally boils down to "she has big boobs, which makes her a bad design". Come on, Dahlia is cool; and her quest and heart to heart show she's more complex than everyone gives her credit for.

  6. I can forgive most of Dahlia's design choices, since she's all about inner beauty as opposed to outer aesthetics. But the claws that are meant to look like she's in heels? Those are a crime against nature

  7. This made me realise I still haven't unlocked her. Shes the only one I haven't got yet 😅

  8. I like Dahlia because her level 4 is just her posin' on the enemies while her bitball acts as a camera

  9. Dahlia is the Lopunny of Xenoblade Chronicles 2

  10. Yeah, it’s kind of a shame that her niche in combat can be done better with a common blade (something that kind makes the rare blades seem less unique). I do like her character, as seeking and having inner beauty is a noble ambition. But I feel there’s some dissonance between that and her design.

  11. Hey Enel, on Poppi QT Pi, I've got a core chip that gives her a slightly stronger auto attack stat than the Tacheon chip and it calls it Meteor Saber, I was wondering if you could identify it and say if it's still useful at all. Also Florran's my favorite bitball blade and I forget Dahlia exists half the time.

  12. enel he love us foreveeeeee!
    daliah is a jesibelle a hosy a woman of poor morals. why can't we have a male blade like her.

  13. It would have been so much nicer if NG+ update allowed you to purchase aux core slots and maybe had a hidden chart to complete for all rare blades that gives them way better abilities. Or maybe they have 3 extra abilities and you can pick and choose which ones you need so that really good abilities on characters like kosmos and crosette can still be used.

  14. timemadscientist Greatscot! 2021-02-11 lúc 1:00 sáng

    In a game where most of the characters have distinctly UK accents, her contrasting deep south darlin' accent makes her voice unique.

  15. Miss Chungus

  16. This is one I never managed to pull.

  17. I did it I'm loved forever by someone!

  18. Man I when going into this video I didn't know have either cannons on morag was a good idea but seeing kosmos and how well she did with her
    I will be sure to give her all the cannons now

  19. This man actually put kos-mos on morag the madlad

  20. ….. Wait a second. During a full burst, the other party members use their level 3 specials? Is that what they do? Really? There's always just too much stuff going on that I can never track it

  21. randomly she was the last blade i got in the pre-NG+ collection. i was starting to think she was a myth, lol

  22. Sadly, the only good part about Dahlia is her Blade Quest and that one Heart to Heart. I adore her, but she is proudly on the bench doing merc missions in safety.

  23. More like Nah, lia(r).

  24. Oh yes, Demonetizedlia.

  25. Dahlia has been the first rare blade I've received, in all three of my playthroughs, I feel obligated to use her, it feel like she chose me😂😂

  26. Taylor Fisher-VanDerVeen 2021-02-11 lúc 1:00 sáng

    Im all for big tit waifus like Pyra Mythra and Brighid but Dahlia takes it to the next level 🤣

  27. honestly i know that’s not the most optimal way to play but like it just looked fun to see you play the game another way then just kill as fast as you can

  28. the lvl 2 special looked like 6 attacks

  29. Due to damage cap, it may not be a good thing to trigger full burst early. Kinda hype though. ^^

  30. I personally think that anyone screaming bloody murder about Dahlia's design are just giving Nintendo a reason to put out another Xenoblade X censorship situation. I'll admit that I think Dahlia's design is a little too ridiculous, but I'd rather have that then having censorship forced on us. That said, it's a miracle this game isn't rated Mature lol

  31. Great video, although I do find it funny how desperately certain Xenoblade fans crying , trying to "defend" this design like it was their life's work haha
    Although I did genuinely enjoy her side quest, it was surprisingly fairly heart warming

  32. Dahlia was one of my least favorite blades before, but after using her for a bit and playing her blade quest. She's become one of my favorite blades. I try to get full bursts because they're fun to get, so she fits right into my playstyle.

  33. What advice do you have for getting Vale because I have used all of the tips from using justice boosters to using higher level justice characters and I still can’t even get a hint of her and I’m even in new game plus

  34. Kosmos on Morag? 🤔

  35. I don't hate her design but I really wish her artist fully committed to the whole rabbit thing (i.e. her face). She just looks kind of awkward as is.

  36. Tbh the only reason i hate Dahlia is cause the southern bell voice doesnt match her meanwhile Agate should be the Bell

  37. I like Miss Chungus

  38. What species is Dahlia anyway

  39. Last blade Ive gotten in both playthroughs of the game.
    So…I honestly forget about her a lot lol.

  40. Is the trap blade next?

  41. I don't mind Dahlia's design I dont really get the reason people dont like her design.
    Though I do see one problem they have.
    They over exaggerated some of her assets, I mean have you see her giant hands.

  42. Dahlia design is interesting

  43. This episode, it’s time to learn about everyone’s favorite (or least favorite if you’re part of the Twitter Mod) Dolly-Parton-Snow-Bunny.

  44. Due to my playstyle of focusing on Full Bursts and Driver comboing as much as i can while setting up said full burst, i find Dahlia pretty strong with her seeming to focus on chain attacks.

  45. She's got a great design, it's just a shame the english dub voice doesn't really suit her.

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