An event to celebrate the beginning of fall by gazing at the autumn moon.

She gazed up at him seriously, then leaned her puckered forehead on her hand and began to read.


Addressees gazed immediately at the object when either speaker used the old term.

The opera, too, ends with the people gazing upwards at a change in the weather, as the storm clears and the sun breaks through.

If you spend too much time gazing at the horizon, you do not see what is directly under your feet.

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What we have is a palimpsest of looks and gazes sometimes taken from context, at other times set among material facts that blunt hermeneutic tools.

Sebastian and his female companions are demure, ghostly creatures, alike in their seeming reluctance to be gazed upon.

She was gazing at him open-mouthed, with undried tears on her nose and cheek and a despairing look on her face.

He is in love with an idealised image of himself, and this is all he sees when he gazes at her.

As she does so, she studiously gazes away from the area in which he is skating.

During the 8.5 second silence (line 2), the child drops his first block in the bucket, gazes at it and rotates the bucket around.

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The fact achieves autonomous status once witnesses or observers from different stations find it identically true to itself at the intersection of their gazes.

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As the act of gazing was not yet evaluated as another facet in the unbalanced power relation between the periphery and the metropolis, it was still considered something positive.

Occasionally, speakers do produce a gazing pose that seems designed specifically to show other-than-addressed recipients that they are not being addressed, while nonetheless gazing at the intended recipient.

Males, by contrast, tend to move freely throughout the space, their gazes are more direct both when performing and when not, and they interact freely with friends and strangers alike.

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