There is a clear demarcation amongst the approaches used to compare organic and non-organic farming.

The body, its demarcation and differentiation, is a regulatory ideal whose materialisation takes place through certain highly regulated, powerful cultural practices.


Demarcation applies also to the debates in which scientists engage, where criticism is exercised.

The demarcation of wealth boundaries is a minimum definition, suggesting only that the ‘ middle sort ‘ lie somewhere within.

Besides conserving soil and water they also function as property demarcations.

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The rapidity with which social demarcations get consolidated aboard ship reveals the profound impact of class performatives on the life of the nation.

What were once clearly defined professional demarcation lines will become blurred and what once was pride of commercial independence will become constructive interdependence.

The demarcation boundaries for the amplification (instability) zone were found to resemble the corresponding limits of boundary-layer instability at lower speeds.

The first asserts the need for a theoretical demarcation between classes of things.

This had the result of deepening resentments and adding personality and demarcation conflicts to disagreements on the policy.

This doesn’t generally spell out the demarcation problem, though, nor show how it would apply to any specific energy or informational physical causal incompleteness proposal.

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At the time of writing physical demarcation of the border in the zone is still pending.

Given this situation of relative disadvantage, the lines of demarcation between different occupations will be subject to frequent challenge.

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The base commander or another senior war veteran would walk the plot boundaries with the settlers from either side fixing the demarcation lines.

In its first stage, voyages were closely linked to political demarcation of boundaries overseas.

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