BROWN SKIN GIRL (Official Audio) | Video game mới nhất từ Bem2

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BROWN SKIN GIRL (Official Audio) | Tổng hợp những Video game hay nhất.

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BROWN SKIN GIRL (Official Audio)

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50 Comement tại “BROWN SKIN GIRL (Official Audio) | Video game mới nhất từ Bem2”

  1. I’m technically “light skin” but my whole family comes in different shades of brown. This song makes me almost impatient to teach my brown daughters how to love their skin and show them how much I do🖤

  2. I’m white , my mom is but my dad is brown so my little sister is brown too and she’s the most beautiful girl ever I love her more than life itself , I don’t know why this song make me turn so emotional 😭
    I looove love it and I love all skin colors ♥️🥰 we are all beautiful

  3. Brought me to tears

  4. Like me

  5. I always felt like i wasn’t black enough because I’m light skin and I remember I told my mom grabbed my hands and said.

    “You are brown you may be light but you still have melanin and you’re black and you’re beautiful”

    I think about that everytime I hear this

  6. I love being Jamaican and native American

  7. I'm Black and African American and I'm proud 😌..

  8. Idk how many times I listened 2 this song❤
    Ik am just a half cast but this song means so much, thx 2 those singers tht always spread messages❤❤

  9. Who els pretending that they’re in a music vid with your friends

  10. I'm a black guy but this song had me ballin

  11. Wow its so great 😀

  12. Remember what Mama told you. Brown skin girl 🥺 this song always get me

  13. This is a beautiful song

  14. If I get pregnant, I'm gonna listen to this song everyday.

  15. This song slap


  17. This song means so much

  18. Every time I listen to this I almost cry blue sound beautiful

  19. ok like how could anyone dislike this!?

  20. Wen my mom made me watch ur shows I love it and wen I'm done with class I all ways hear this and put this on and I love ur songs I wish that I will see u on real life

  21. Why does this have dislikes-

  22. 🥺🥺Thank you for the song. I am a brown skin girl who has been struggling with her self confidence, insecurities since the teenage. Here in India Black is not considered beautiful, we get to hear taunts on our dusky complexion which are really heartwrenching.

  23. “They watching they all adore you”

  24. I didn’t have to be black… I HAD TO🤎🤎🤎🤎

  25. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😭😭🥰🥰🥰

  26. It makes me cry 😭😭😭😭

  27. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 I love it

  28. I like the song

  29. Love this message….. but I do wish we had more dark skinned women making music on embracing dark skin.

    A light skinned woman, doesn't quite know how it feels the way a dark skinned woman would.

  30. If your skin is black you will always have the best life

  31. Your skin is beautiful your skin is different colors

  32. Your skin isn’t something to EVER be ashamed of! Especially scars! They both show your journey through life and the story behind you. Who cares if people don’t like it. They’re probably just jealous because of how gorgeous and interesting you are! So when they glare at you just smile at them and enjoy life! Dance in the middle of streets while everyone watches who cares what they think!? As long as your having fun then there’s nothing wrong 🙂

  33. I love Beyoncé , HMU For A Cut Guys

  34. I’m Bengali and I love this song

  35. This song brings the love my inner child lacked for herself. Being the darkest out of all my siblings I often hated myself for not being light. But looking back at old photos of my ancestors they were all dark brown or if not even darker than I am. And I like to see myself now as a reflection of those in my lineage who have come way before me. They live on in and with me. ✨💜

  36. whenever I see a black women my heart goes 🥰😍😘💖❤🥰

  37. 🥺🥺

  38. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘

  39. Even if u praise us being black has never been easy 😒

  40. Happy Black History Month Ladies🤎🤎

  41. I love this song🧸🧸💙💙☺️

  42. Okay but the fact the boy i like put me on this song🥺🥺🥺Us brown skin girls and men are beautiful🖤 Took me a while to learn since of all the racism I went through when I was young but I learned my race and ethnicity and culture is the most beautiful thing Allah has granted me🖤#BLM

  43. Who's here during BHM? ✊🏼

  44. Love from Trinidad and Tobago 2021

  45. Why is there like, 11k ppl disliking this song?? Its all about loving the color God gave you and to embrace it instead of hate it.

    Y'all must be some sick ppl if you don't want other colored girls to like and feel comfortable with their skin color.🙄🤨🤨🤨

  46. This song makes me feel pretty🥺🤎

  47. At first I loved the lyrics cause I'm Indian and was wondering if I could keep this song. Then when I watched the music video, I realized there were Indian girls in the MV too and I honestly cried cause I'm so honored to share this song with my other beautiful brown skin sisters. <3

  48. i have to listen to this song for english it is very good

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