Anthem Official Legion of Dawn Trailer | Hình đẹp về game

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Anthem Official Legion of Dawn Trailer | Tổng hợp những Hình ảnh về game đẹp nhất.

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Anthem Official Legion of Dawn Trailer

Trong chương đen tối nhất của lịch sử nhân loại, một anh hùng – Tướng Helena Tarsis – đã vươn lên để đưa chúng ta ra ánh sáng. Những người lính dũng cảm tham gia cùng cô đã được ghi vào lịch sử với cái tên Legion of Dawn. Từ những hạt giống của sự hy sinh của họ đã nở rộ cả một nền văn minh. Đặt hàng trước Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition để nhận các Gói giáp Legion of Dawn, Light of the Legion Weapon, quyền truy cập VIP Demo và hơn thế nữa: Đăng ký và là người đầu tiên xem các đoạn giới thiệu và video chơi trò chơi của Anthem :..

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42 Comement tại “Anthem Official Legion of Dawn Trailer | Hình đẹp về game”

  1. I fight for absolutely nobody but myself.

    Keep your general turdshit

  2. Stupid whaman

  3. Rise of Iron LOL

  4. the armor dosent make you any more powerful, but it FEELS like it does

  5. kidbehindacamera

  6. A a in e trailers ea op li license stat emergency Toonami bo in code of my age badge a a stat 7 8 9 0 a

  7. If your gonna do it…do it all the way!…”Legion of Dawn” is the only way…walk the path Freelancer!…#strongertogether💯

  8. It would be soooo cool if we could use General Tarsis' sword

  9. chaîne [̲̅Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲̅r] 2021-01-30 lúc 1:11 sáng


  10. this game is perfect, and i mean that truly

    exept for the fucking stupid shitty asshole loading times

  11. Семён Степанов 2021-01-30 lúc 1:11 sáng

    I have ideas that will make the gameplay much more interesting and exciting, in the literal sense, the Anthem project will sparkle with a new palette, the game
    mechanics will become much more intelligent and technologically advanced !!!!

  12. $5 baby lol

  13. Дмитрий Александрович 2021-01-30 lúc 1:11 sáng

    New Firefall?

  14. wow ppl still play this game?

  15. 8/17/19
    let the revival begin

  16. Let's hope you can pull this back

  17. Why are all the comments"Looks good but ill wait for the release then decide", or "Please EA dont screw this".
    STFU all you little brats.
    Nobody will put a gun to your head to buy it.

  18. Here in 7/16/19 and this game is a total disappointment

  19. After 300h playing this game, my god this trailer si just so fake

  20. If i can get General Tarsus armor and her sword, i might give this loading screen of a game, a shot.😐

  21. It should bee for free to download…

  22. Wow the new Destiny 2 expansion looks cool

  23. This game looks incredible! However, with the Ultimate Cheat Fest i experienced with the last few editions of EA/Dice's BF series (BF5 being the most ridicules and blatant), I will never again pre-order or buy new EA games until they have been out for a while and proven to function without adulteration (see ESP download for BF5)

  24. Calling for a game boycott people. we wont stand for it!

  25. Anthem was released unfinished on pourpous. EA NEEDS TO BE FORCED TO SELL THEIR RIGHTS TO ALL TITLES AND BE SHUT DOWN. We is destroying this industy amd they need to be obliterated! Your time has come EA and Anthem was you downfall.

  26. It's Great.

  27. Leute das ist eine schöne spiel! mit gute Grafik meine gtx1070 2k gync lg 32" i7 16gb bringen 60-80fps
    Einzige was ich gemacht habe mein Monitor Farben korrigiert r18, g33, b47, schwarz Stabilisatoren aus, Helligkeit 70, Kontrast 62, gama 3, digitale farbanpassung auf +67, das Bild ist so real.. Einfach ausprobieren.


  29. Юрий Рубецкий 2021-01-30 lúc 1:11 sáng

    охуенное описание. чего зачем, нахуй. бери ружье и стреляй. таких тупорыльных игр масса

  30. My LoD armor pack isn't showing up in my armor set after claiming the reward on PC…

  31. would be fantastic if my LOD edition worked. i did pre-order LOD edition on xbox one ( digital) and on the 22nd ( Australia) i did the quest needed to have the cosmetic shop. issue is, is that the LOD stuff and gun wont pop up in rewards. anyone having this issue?


  33. I what that javelin

  34. Does anyone know what is the material and color to make the legion of dawn armor exactly like the one in the trailer?

  35. 40k

  36. So the armor won’t show up in game for me?? What do I do?

  37. Nuevo dlc de destiny 2 :v

  38. cool frame and sword not included.

  39. Pre Order just for Demos or is There more to get

  40. лучшеб Lineage 3 выпустили на новом движке

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