Other products ranged from aromatic woods and rattans through to a range of ancillary medical and culinary products.

Out of the woods: emerg ing traditions in the teaching of wr iting.


Wood’s (1965, 1966) early work specifically excluded resonance phenomena.

Nevertheless, in many cases the woods produced by deciduous and evergreen conifers may be distinguished from one another on the basis of percentage skew values.

Other reasons included pasture (8%), enjoying the woods (8%), hunting (7%), and investment (5%).

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Zones of medieval land-use (open fields, woods and meadow land) are often readily identifiable.

The limits of the proposed reserve were chosen because the central part had virtually intact forest areas which included potentially valuable teak woods.

Their woods are avoided and nobody fishes in their pools.

An appropriately bucolic sinfonia introduces her, and a change of scene to the wild woods.

They lived in the woods all the time, with a contemptible appearance, their whole life in the woods.

The relationship between leaf longevity and growth ring markedness in modern conifer woods and its implications for palaeoclimatic studies.

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Naturally, wood’s use as fuel figured prominently among these voluntary statements by declarants.

Elemental analyses were completed on samples of historic woods using multi-elemental inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy.

The historic woods that currently have increased levels of lead pose no problems, but locations should be noted when future restoration work is done.

The house was isolated in some woods on a hill and the effects were visible from a large distance, drawing the audience to the spot.

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