What is Ranboo's Other Half? | Clip game mới nhất từ Bem2

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What is Ranboo's Other Half? | Tổng hợp những Video game hay nhất.

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What is Ranboo's Other Half?

Tôi thực sự đã không đọc lại kịch bản này. Tôi đã cố gắng viết lại nó trong giờ học toán của tôi vì luồng hôm qua. Nếu bất cứ điều gì không hợp lý thì có thể là do đó, vì vậy hãy nhớ đặt câu hỏi làm rõ và tôi sẽ cố gắng hết sức để trả lời! — Social Media — Twitter: Instagram: Twitch: Credits — Tất cả các clip được thu thập từ các clip ngẫu nhiên trên YouTube mà tôi tìm thấy trực tuyến, vì vậy tôi không có liên kết VOD cụ thể. Xin lỗi vì điều đó. Sự thống trị di truyền Nguồn Twitter Liên kết Iron Golem Twitter Chủ đề Nhạc nền: Hình ảnh Minecraft được thu thập từ Minecraft Gamepedia. Nếu tôi bỏ lỡ bất kỳ khoản tín dụng nào, tôi xin lỗi vì bây giờ giống như 7 giờ sáng đối với tôi, tôi đã thức gần 24 giờ. Bình luận hoặc gửi tin nhắn cho tôi và tôi sẽ sửa nó. — Tôi hy vọng bạn thích video của tôi về Dream SMP! Tôi không biết liệu mình có làm video Dream SMP trong tương lai hay không, nhưng nếu có thì tôi nên làm gì tiếp theo? Tôi thực sự thích nhân vật của Ranboo cho đến nay, nhưng tôi cũng đã theo dõi POV của TommyInnit và Tubbo. Tôi thực sự hy vọng bạn thích! ..

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  1. Hey all! Thanks for all the views and comments so far, I really appreciate it!! If you'd like to, consider heading to my Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/dayrisk ) for more content. I tend to talk about my next video ideas there, so if you have something to suggest or just want to know what my plans are, be sure to follow! Thanks again 🙂

  2. YOUR A GUY???

    I was thinking you were a girl!

  3. Hello how are you all today? ^^

  4. Underrated

  5. im your 900 sub 🙂

  6. the necronomicon that dream has revived ranboo or jslaht got it from ranboo so think about that

  7. I think he was half enderman and half human. But he died or something-
    Because he can kinda fly
    Thats what i think

  8. Stupid_Muffin & Stupid_Popcorn 2021-01-29 lúc 11:38 chiều

    so my theory is that he got infectet by somthing at birth or at some other time

    Ranboos white face half
    so maby he wasnt infectet before and he lived his normal enderman life, he was tall, had green eyes, and only spoke endermannish? enderman language XD, but at some time he may have found the red egg (the egg that Skeppy and BBH found) , he didnt knew what that was and he touchted it, but because hes an enderman, it didnt infectet him completly, but he got the half of his face infectet. he became smaller, half of his face got white, anrd he got his red eye (we saw that antfrost didnt change much but got red eyes). and at this time, when his face got infectet his brain got infectet too. what i mean by that, that he often forgets thinks [and thats maby what it does to an enderman, it infects the endermans half, makes it smaller, his face white and they get red eyes. so after he realised, that it was dangerous, he hid it, so no one would find it. after it, he walked away, and forgets everything, over and over again. (the infection wandred into his blood, and because blood goes to every body part, the infection infectet his brain, the infection like destroid the memory part, and it infectet the half of his face) (we have persons like antfrost, awesom dude, and technoblade, who are minecraft creatures humanized, so ranboo isnt the only animal/mob human)

    Nightmares Red Egg
    my theory is that nightmare (dreams Bad side) created the egg, we all consider, that nightmare is red, and the egg is red too, so maby dream (nightmare) placed or created the egg, while dream didnt had controll of nightmare. so nightmares are dreams that are accompanied by negative emotions like fear and panic in the dreaming. so nightmares are a manifestation of bad things, and what does the egg do? turnig good peapol into bad peapol or rather the opposite as they are. we take bbh and look at his bad side goodboyhalo. badboyhalo is nice ,doesnt swear and kind. goodboyhalo is mean, might wanting and doesnt care if anybody swears. now we take skeppy and red skeppy, skeppy his nice,active,and happy while red skeppy sounds like he doesnt have any emotions. but if the egg (part of the egg) Comes in contact with the twitch prime water it turns the part in a green flower, and green is dream signature collor

    edermens story
    now somthing, that gives a chance why an enderman can get infectet by it
    so maby endermen were "humans" but they got infectet by the enderdragon. the enderdragon turned everyone in to diffrent mobs or maked nice creatures bad. pigs became zombie pigman and piglin, dead peapol turned into zombiese and sceletons, and peapol who where an alive human, became endermen and creepers, the enderdragon opend portals, the endermen where getting into theyre portal (the end portal) and the piglins and zombie pigman were walking into theyer portal to the end (nether portal). the endermen were the only mobs who didnt lost theyre memory. they knew how to speak, but it was weird so if they talked they sounded "blurred" (if you hear closly to the endermens youll hear them say "whats up" or "look for the eye" and more stuff) so theyre trying to help the player, and try to tell him what to do. they suffercate under the enderdragon (thats maby why the achiefment says "free the end" if you kill the enderdragon) they let the player kill them, so he/she can free the others who are infectet by this "poisen". they die to let the othersfree, and they only attack you, because they feel pain (i mean, who wouldnt protect themself if they get hurt) so, why i think they were humans, is because of the buildings they made, they made houses to life, they put items in them,

    that took me one and a half houre to make ;-;
    but it was worth it
    if anything is missng tell me
    that was my theory, PEACE OUT

  9. Iron golems don’t attack creepers

  10. C̩̚hã̖ṉ͊g̼͠el͆͟í̼n͎̅ğ̟ 2021-01-29 lúc 11:38 chiều

    I mean techianlly ranboo could be half human just an albino which is basically someone who dosent have much pigment making there skin white and eyes red (I heard about this from my friend so don't take it as fact I don't really know if this is true) either way whatever ranboo is a very weird hybrid

  11. This guy is pog

  12. Favorite line was at 6:20 seconds XD

  13. Underrated. You got my sub ^^ I like your content and you as a person!
    Also, I rather like the idea of being rebuilt, rather than… Being biologically related to Dream… It's weird.

  14. My friend has a good theory about his other half

  15. you start this video by calling yourself out for doing minecraft roleplay in the past, cringe /j

  16. you're right, you did do a lot of biology research for this video. good video, we love to see it

  17. I belive in the golem

  18. I think the death theory is really good
    Since Ranboo can hear dream or at least his voice

  19. These are all great theories! Thanks for another awesome video.

  20. such cool theories!!!
    the one that blew my mind most was that dream brought him back using iron golem technology
    I would actually like to add to that theory:
    his enderman body was too aggressive due to automatic reactions (like pouring soi sauce on a dead octopus) so he stabilized it using the iron golem tech

    this vid is soo underrated

  21. Went to subscribe to you, then realized i was already subscribed. Lol

  22. I see you put al ot of effort in your video, I hope you make more theories from the DreamSMP characters or characters from other smp's!

  23. 6:12 and i thought you where a girl, damn

  24. This is such a good theory. Some of the things said actually opened my mind
    A Very Underrated Video

  25. I really like the theory that he was resurrected also (Please someone correct me if I’m wrong) Ranboo kept repeating how “it’s all happening again” (or something along the lines of that) after the festival. Like he had been in the same situation before or seen the terrible outcome of something like that? And maybe he died from it?
    It could also line up with Dream being somewhat in his head. If Dream is immortal like the theories say then maybe he knew what happened? Maybe he did whatever ended in Ranboo’s dead? And would with that know that Ranboo would not dare to get that involved with them blowing up L’Manburg?

    Of cause this do not line up with then Dream got the book from Schlatt that gave him the power to resurrect people. But it’s a theory.

  26. ooo intresting theorys! also i like your new skin!

  27. I really like the theory that he's resurrected, but personally I like to think he's like half something really random and just so happens to be albino.

    Also I might be wrong but I think Bad has confirmed his character as a demon, that's all.

  28. Didn't we all think his other half is human? According to what I watched yesterday our first idea got backstabbed.
    Thank goodness you have a new idea.
    I love how the chat was screaming Iron Golem the whole time.

    Edit: I think the morphing caused biological changes as well as brain damage. Morphing caused genes to overlap, meaning one has to take over like in reproduction. Because it was a morphing, though, it didn't go heads or tails but with mixed results.
    Ranboo. Now we have silk touch Ranboo.
    He could have also died and gotten problems through that.
    Final theory: he was an enderman, died and got morphed with a golem by Dream to manipulate and help him.

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