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On weekdays gowns were worn, and surplices by the scholars, who read the lessons.

There were no significant clusters on any weekend day, so we report the number of weekdays in each month as well.

Additional behavioural training (shaping) of the affected upper limb for 6 hours/day on 10 weekdays over 2 weeks.

On an average weekday, 170, 000 people use the trolley.

The fatality was not significantly associated with weekday of admission.

The data are from employed men on weekdays.

A sticker in the windshield, indicating the weekday the car was not to be used, had to be displayed for police to enforce the law.

This seems a plausible assessment of a life in which at least four hours of ever y weekday was spent in the classroom.

The null hypothesis is that there are equal probabilities of significant clusters on weekends and weekdays.

However, the clinical setting for our psychiatric consultation service (during the daytime on weekdays) may have prevented male full-time workers from using this service.

Another very widespread practice was to provide high-calorie, high-protein meals each weekday for a nominal sum.

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This plot suggests that the group’s drinking behavior can be described as displaying a weekday-related pattern of high and positive correlations throughout.

As both assemblies and committees meet during the day on weekdays it is relatively rare for them to have councillors who are paid employees.

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We analyzed user access times per month, weekday, and hour.

The service books and ordinal give no direct indication that both baptisteries were visited on ordinary weekdays.

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día laborable, día entre semana [masculine, singular]…

in Portuguese

dia útil, dia de trabalho…

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jour [masculine] de semaine, (de) jour ouvrable…

วันธรรมดาที่ไม่ใช่วันเสาร์หรือวันอาทิตย์, วันธรรมดา…

hverdag [masculine], hverdag, virkedag…

giorno feriale, (giorno feriale/lavorativo)…

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