Down with white things, be they wines or veal, and up with beef.

For example, the interest of human consumers in eating veal should not be prioritized over the interests of veal-calves just because these humans are autonomous.


This is not an insignificant concern if you happen to be, for example, a mink or a veal calf in certain circumstances.

Others involved foodstuffs that were important to the chiefly household economy, such as bere, cattle, veal and salmon.

It is not possible to determine how many of these were for rearing in veal crates.

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It is not possible to determine what proportion of the totals were for rearing in veal calf crates.

The ban on veal crates and the impending ban on stalls and tethers provide two examples.

He has, however, made clear on repeated occasions his distaste for and disapproval of veal crates.

We have not made any recent representations on veal crates.

That is an important factor, otherwise we shall face similar problems as we now do with crated veal.

There has already been one example of that on veal calf crates.

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Of all the cruelties devised for the rearing of farm animals, the veal crates system is one of the most repugnant.

We chose to adopt stricter standards, and effectively—and rightly—banned veal crates from our shores.

But the reason that we have a law banning veal crates in this country is because they are cruel, immoral and unacceptable.

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We believe that the number of establishments using veal crates has declined in recent years.

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