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Single-player video game

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a purchasable cross-platform battle arena game. T.A.B.S. functions as a single-player experience in which the users form armies of challengers that battle competitors with weapons; piece together the puzzle of which armory and tool can defeat one another. While the premise of the game is serious, every scene is infused with silly moments due to the entertaining animations.

What is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator available on?

TABS is available on Linux, Apple Mac, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 (PS4), and Xbox One systems. The developers of the simulation are Landfall Games. The game was published in early access within April of 2019 on April Fools Day; this release date is no coincidence considering the title’s humorous gameplay. The platform is advertisement-based.


The gameplay

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is devised of a bunch of ragdolls that duel in matches. The types of champions accessible and the weapons they bear vary; players can customize their teams depending on how much currency they have and which avatars are available. The currency can be viewed in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Each new member of the team will cost money.

A common arena spectacle consists of a large battleground with a line splitting the field. The enemies start on the left and invade into the right side. The simple yet intricate strategy of the game can be pieced together with practice. Users will be able to assess the locations of the rivals before to ensure that they prepare their members for a successful attack.

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Analyze the stance of the oppositions’ warriors and which weapons they are carrying. Understand what each of the competitors’ aggressive tactics will be: bows and arrows, jumping, swords, etc. For each of the offensive strikes, there is a defensive method to conquer the challenger. Gamers have the ability to place their chosen fighters where they want on their side of the battle ring.

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Navigating the settings and scenery

Upon opening the game, people are offered game mode factions with Sandbox and Campaign—right above Settings and Quit. Similar to other sandbox games like Terraria and Minecraft, this setting will enable users to experiment with their imagination. In the Sandbox mode, users are both the red and the blue team battling the matches to victories. This course is excellent for a better understanding of the gameplay and secrets.

Both the red and the blue team will be allocated points to spend on efficient weapons, and the creators will witness the phases of the battle until one of their sides wins. The Campaign section allows for different scenarios to be experienced: Introduction, Adventure, Challenge, Dynasty, Renaissance, Pirate, and Spooky.

Within the Introduction category, the arrangement includes Army, Clubs, Hello, Hay and Pitchforks, Melee, Scythes and Friends, Spears, Sticks and Bones, etc. Meanwhile, the Adventure pack provides the Final Destination Club, Nothing To See Here, The Smallest Army, The Tiniest Attack, etc. View the game plans to decide which is the best.

While each of the maps’ aesthetics differ, so do their safety concerns. There are features that affect the gameplay: bridges, waterfalls, etc. If a teammate falls from a high point, then they are gone from that match. Topography influences the various maps, as well—allowing players to view different heights depending on the displayed setting.

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Historical yet wacky

While the depictions of the characters are ridiculous, the tactics game has some legitimacy within the arenas’ themes. The physics-based simulation depicts warfare in all of the ages of humankind with cavemen, farmers, kings, Vikings, etc. There is even an enormous mammoth that crushes rivals.

These landscapes represent units within history. While the insight into the time periods isn’t the greatest, the title can still be recommended for people interested in eras: dynasties, medieval, etc.

The name implies sarcasm in that the game is not all that accurate. The soldiers do not have any bones, resulting in messy attacks and uncertain aims. Keep in mind that the champions can hurt the characters on their own teams. What the title lacks in efficiency, however, the gameplay compensates with levity. Complementing the humor is an astonishing amount of tactical depth: positions and tools.

Test perspectives

Gamers can control the individual avatars within the matches: clubmen, tanks, etc. Depending on the team member, the state of control with each individual will be different, as characters move at varying speeds and degrees—some may even fly. Make participants attack, and watch the action from their perspectives. Additionally, the camera can provide never-before-seen places as the gamer swivels the lens around the field.

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Suggested alternatives

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is an alternative option to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Completely abandoning childishness, UEBS is more realistic in that the animations are lifelike, and the battle scenes are taken seriously. The number of warriors is intense; add in the auditory experience and the game can be classified as overwhelming compared to the playful spirit of TABs.

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The complaints about UEBS continue as the title is only available on Microsoft Windows compared to the cross-play software: T.A.B.S. The art in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is tyrannical, while Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is whimsical, resulting in a rating for TABS being higher than the former.

Engaging physics game

Combining hilarity, history, and strategy, TABS is a pleasant game to play. To win the game, there needs to be involvement. Understand which weapons counter one another and which opponents wreak the most havoc on the teammates. To enhance the probability of winning matches, train within the Sandbox mode to get familiar with the tools’ technicalities. Due to the game’s wittiness, this would be an excellent multiplayer experience.

What’s new?

Landfall Games releases updates with new features, modes, etc. Additionally, an update can include fixes to bugs and loading times. To report feedback, contact support, and view their terms, privacy policy, and reports, people can visit their website.


  • Not very violent
  • Many game modes
  • High degree of levity
  • Historical eras and maps
  • Tactical battle mechanics


  • Bugs can occur
  • Only single-player
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