The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Movie CLIP #2 – The Peacekeepers (2013) Movie HD | Video game mới nhất từ Bem2

Có phải bạn đang muốn xem Clip game mà Bem2 cung cấp phải không? Có phải bạn đang tìm chủ đề hunger games 2 clip ita đúng vậy không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem những thông tin về nội dung này tại đây nhé.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Movie CLIP #2 – The Peacekeepers (2013) Movie HD | Tổng hợp những Clip game hay nhất.

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Movie CLIP #2 - The Peacekeepers (2013) Movie HD

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Vậy là bạn đã xem xong bài viết chủ đề hunger games 2 clip ita rồi nhé. Ngoài xem các Video game mà chúng tôi cung cấp thì bạn có thể xem thêm nhiều thông tin liên quan đến game, thủ thuật, hướng dẫn, clip game… tại đây nhé: Bem2.

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35 Comement tại “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Movie CLIP #2 – The Peacekeepers (2013) Movie HD | Video game mới nhất từ Bem2”

  1. They shouldn't name those people Peacekeeper.

  2. It's obvious he likes playing with boys whips and chains taking their clothes

  3. Peeta when Katniss is about to get killed: peekaboo

  4. This guy was REALLY good in this scene.

  5. Props to the person who acts Gale for taking a whipping… That must’ve hurt!

  6. Considering American police are protecting dumpsters full of food from hungry Americans in the winter of 2021, this film has aged well.

  7. How the hell was this scene a 12 A???

  8. “I never said she was smart” Lmao Haymitch at 1:40

  9. They realy keep the peace.

  10. Peacekeepers aka leftits

  11. Let him be whipped, nobody likes gale anyway after watching Mockingjay part 2.

  12. "I never said she was smart"
    Katniss right behind him: 👁️👄👁️

  13. this scene was so hot i’m sorry 😭

  14. Gales face in the thumbnail 😢 he looks so sad and innocent. He really did nothing… least in that movie.

  15. poor gale

  16. 0:55 when wife doesn't make you a sandwich

  17. That guy knows gender equality but took it too far

  18. Ruthless as hell

  19. With "Cancel Culture" and censoring speech that doesn't agree with the power elite, America is accelerating to a Hunger Games type of society. It started with "political correctness." Unless you are worth a billion dollars or are a Hollywood A-lister you & I are doomed. We must stop voting for these people! We must stop watching their movies! We must stop using their software! They answer to two gods, money & power… and they will step on us to get more of it.

  20. i wanted to believe the peacekeepers are at least just soldiers following orders but people like the commander here kinda made me think otherwise

  21. So different from the book.

  22. In the book he was punished for poaching a turkey, and his back supposed to look like “what used to be his back is a raw, bloody slab of meat.” And Katniss in the books describes how painful it was for her to get whipped too, but here Katniss’s reaction is as if she was hit with a pool noodle. I can’t help but laugh 🤣.

  23. Guys, use your brain.

    They're called Peacekeepers cause they keep any potential peace from happening. 😀

  24. That shot on sight needs to apply to him. Without mercy.

  25. every single one of these soldier would be dead within 5 mins of me being there. fact.

  26. Pffft. Welcome to America in 4 years.

  27. Peeta: Hey easy!
    Haymitch: behind me child!

  28. 세헤라자데Scheherazade 2021-03-21 lúc 8:47 chiều

    Where is Darius!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Finally someone beating that boy

  30. Ok can we all agree that the book version of these scene is 100x better

  31. This guy is probably dredd's dad.

  32. aoghwoghshsjhsj I remember watching this when I was like 7 or 8 and being traumatised by it, how the tables have turned lmao

  33. thats back rolding!!!

  34. I’m sorry but- this wasn’t how it happened in the book

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