The most extraordinary thing, indeed, about that extraordinary man is the tenacity of his survival in the minds and memories of those who knew him.

The tenacity to life possessed by these partly gorged females is remarkably great as compared to that of fully gorged and ungorged females.


Despite its heat and tenacity, the factious spirit did burn itself out eventually, giving way to the quest for consensus at all costs.

At this point we have to emphasize the tenacity of the distinction between the physical and the mental.

These groups guarded the limited powers they each respectively possessed with fierce tenacity.

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For the last two years of the war he was a prisoner, fending off questions with a tremendous tenacity and elaborate ingenuity.

Both also, through their sheer physical tenacity, outlived most of their favourites and advisers and in a sense outlived their own times.

The strength and tenacity of the civil groups manifested in the organisation of wide-spread protests against structural adjustment policies between 1988 and 1990.

The final cadence, with slowing harmonic and surface rhythms, reflected a submission to the canines’ tenacity.

Those who advocated the classroom uses of the gramophone stressed consistently the importance of intelligent listening – that listening to ‘real music’ required diligence and tenacity.

We would also like to thank the chart abstractors for their diligence and tenacity.

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Used a simple description of dispersal, parameterized using field observations, within a heterogeneous landscape to evaluate the likely distances travelled and tenacities of linyphiid spiders.

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A second problem is that a theory meant to explain countertheoretical outcomes in economics has become a description of permanence, stasis, or tenacity in politics.

The second process basic to ballooning is the frequency, or tenacity (where tenacity is the frequency subtracted from unity), of ballooning events (appendix 5).

Most disturbing in this debate has been the tenacity with which the critiques of the admixture interpretations have maintained some of the above fallacious arguments.

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