A systematic care program for bipolar disorder significantly reduces risk of mania over 12 months.

They will be reduced and to a certain extent they will be systematic.


A systematic formalism to define activities and business processes is presented, as well as clear mathematical formulation and template representations.

The text is unique, as it represents the work of a single author, who cogently articulates a systematic approach to psychiatry.

Singularly lacking is a systematic, replicable method of identifying the strategies these parties pursue.

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Now that we can differentiate systematic non-proportionality from the effects of random error and lumpiness, let us look again at the issue of proportional allocations.

It took a long time to develop ‘ a systematic, subject-based taxonomy for such a new field of study’, as the editors say.

There also had to be a sufficient level of evidence (in the form of randomized controlled trials) to support systematic review and meta-analysis.

Moreover, as the measurements were taken by different nurses, the possibility of any systematic error in measurement is also unlikely.

Effects of preventative home visits to elderly people living in the community: systematic review.

Virtually all of these efforts presume, encourage, and sometimes even require modeling to accompany systematic reviews of clinical evidence (10).

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Any systematic error should be corrected as quickly as possible in a course of treatment.

Unfortunately, there are no cross-nationally comparable measures of this relationship that would make a systematic analysis possible.

The lack of systematic age monitoring appeared to reflect an unofficial consensus which placed age at the bottom of the equality agenda.

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The database has many assessments in the area of prevention, whereof most are systematic reviews.

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