The homogenous, flat outer crater zone differs from morphological features obtained by slumping or by downfaulting of a terraced zone.

The palynomorphs are discrete entities and not introduced as clasts by reworking or slumps.


The gravity current is in the slumping phase in each view.

He slumped forward in his chair.

When people no longer do business in order to make a living, and when they cease all gainful activity, the business of civilization slumps, and everything decays.

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Second, and much to our surprise, the association of export booms with lower tariffs and export slumps with higher tariffs was entirely a post-1913 phenomenon.

The upper sub-stage (b) of the lower stage of the upper turbidite system with chaotic bedding, slumps and slide planes is also interpreted as inner fan deposits.

Sites 6 and 8 are sampled in two horizons which evidently slumped when the sediment was still a waterlogged slur ry and presumably soon after deposition.

First, that the slumping takes place through a series of equal-area rectangles (see figures 9 and 10, plates 1 and 2, and the discussion in 9 4).

I know the results of booms and slumps, bankruptcies and unemployment which has resulted from the speculative history of the cotton industry.

During the last twelve years we have had booms alternated by slumps.

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The industry has learnt, from bitter experience, to fear the artificial booms as much as they fear the artificial slumps.

They are, in fact, products of the capitalist mode of society, subject to its booms and slumps.

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I accept that, at the time, it was pointed out that the steel industry is cyclical and prone to booms and slumps.

There have been booms and there have been slumps.

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