running water

The packing shed had a flush toilet with running water, soap and towel.

Only families in urban areas had running water.


Running water and electricity are still lacking in many matchbox houses.

Running water, interior pipes lightbulbs electrifying every room.

It included hosed running water, a scrubbing brush, and/or coarse mat and a shallow tray.

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Every flat is equipped with running water, electric lighting, and flush toilets; moreover, every kitchen has a supply of gas.

The values obtained are consistent with the fact that fast running water in the irrigation system studied may promote dispersion.

Distilled water circulates in a closed duct cooled with running water.

The intestinal contents were washed through a sieve of mesh size 270 mm with running water and all trapped tapeworms and intestinal contents back washed into a dish.

They are extremely poor, sometimes without running water.

With the help of local and outside mobilizers, squatters got together and demanded electricity and running water; when they were ref used or encountered delays, they acquired them illegally.

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It was cheaper and faster than paving and more visible than running water, so it sometimes preceded either.

The developed blots were washed in running water, dried and photographed.

The only toilet facilities available to workers in the fields were pit latrines without running water, soap or towels.

Street-vendors stated that they lacked proper toilet facilities (running water, soap, toilet paper).

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