responsible adjective (DUTY)

 be responsible for sb/sth/doing sth

 be responsible to sb/sth


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responsible adjective (BLAME)

 be responsible for sth/doing sth

Thesaurus: synonyms, antonyms, and examples
  • causeFirefighters determined that a campfire spark caused the wildfire.
  • bring aboutMany illnesses are brought about by poor diet and lack of exercise.
  • result inThe fire resulted in damage to their house.
  • lead toReducing speed limits has led to fewer deaths on the motorways.
  • makeThe heat is making me tired.
  • aroundIt’s a subject that has aroused a lot of interest.

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Thesaurus: synonyms, antonyms, and examples

 hold sb/sth responsible

to blame someone or something:

Thesaurus: synonyms, antonyms, and examples

 be responsible for your actions

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responsible adjective (GOOD JUDGMENT)

SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases

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(Definition of responsible from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

responsible | American Dictionary

responsible adjective (DUTY)

having the duty of taking care of something:

The government’s Energy Regulatory Board is responsible for nuclear safety.

responsible adjective (BLAME)

We are not responsible for things getting lost in the mail.

responsible adjective (GOOD JUDGMENT)

(Definition of responsible from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

responsible | Business English

It’s a responsible job for which I’ve been well rewarded.

 be responsible for sb/sth

 be responsible to sb/sth

 be responsible for your actions

Although he was ill at the time, he was still responsible for his actions.

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(Definition of responsible from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Examples of responsible


The author is responsible for the accuracy of quotations, tabular matter and references.

First, because we should deal with resources in a responsible, sustainable manner.

Several reasons might be responsible for the students’ failure to benefit from the availability of multiple sources of information.

What is at stake is the extent to which technology was responsible for the suffering of these communities.

As shown in the design decomposition, the drive equipment specialist is responsible for selection and (optionally) assembly of the drive train components.

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In his view, language may be and frequently is the main culprit responsible for human tragedy.

Authors are responsible for ensuring that the necessary equipment is available.

The three men were knowledgeable, responsible, and hard-working, but what stands out even more is the intensity of their commitment to the search.

Treating primary care clinicians remained responsible for all pharmacotherapy decisions.

Departments would on longer be responsible for delivering those services identified as suitable for delivery at arm’s length.

Since 1990, municipalities became teachers’ employers and organisers of school activities, and became responsible for allocating resources to schools.

The prediction is that people have a capacity for ideological learning from the results achieved by responsible political actors of various ideological denominations.

Currently, we cannot determine which process (if not both) is the one responsible for the thermalization.

The fir st of these terms is exclusively responsible for instability in our canonical problem (see below).

Since all groups repeated the target question only once, differences in production cannot be responsible.

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Translations of responsible

in Chinese (Traditional)

責任, 責怪, 好的判斷力…

in Chinese (Simplified)

责任, 责怪, 好的判断力…

in Spanish

encargado, responsable, de responsabilidad…

in Portuguese

responsável, de responsabilidade…

in more languages

in Japanese

in Turkish

in French

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in Catalan

in Arabic

in Czech

in Danish

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in Indonesian

in Thai

in Vietnamese

in Polish

in Malay

in German

in Norwegian

in Korean

in Italian

in Russian

責任がある, 義務を負った, (~の)原因となる…

güvenilir, sorumluluk duygusu taşıyan, sorumluluk gerektiren…

responsable, à responsabilités, responsable de…

encarregat, responsable, de responsabilitat…

odpovědný, odpovědný (za), spolehlivý…

ansvarlig, ansvarsfuld, skyld i…

bertanggung jawab, penuh tanggung jawab, menyadari…

เป็นภาระหน้าที่, ที่ต้องรับผิดชอบ, รับผิดชอบ…

có trách nhiệm, quan trọng, chịu trách nhiệm…

menguruskan, tanggungjawab yang besar, bertanggungjawab…

verantwortlich, schuld, zuverlässig…

ansvarlig, ansvarsfull, ansvarlig (for)…

-을 책임 지고 있는, -의 책임이 있는, 책임감 있는…

responsabile, fidato, di responsabilità…

достойный доверия, ответственный, важный…

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