This dialogue of forms, meanings, intentions, and punning echoes of previous use constructs an interplay between constraint and creativity.

His challenges are problematic and inconsistent and his objections are, please pardon the pun, unimaginative.


On the other hand (as the pun drags on), however, the patient does not experience these actions as consciously willed.

She notes the possibility that the footwear evidence might be explicable solely (pardon my pun) in terms of males.

Note the pun on ‘rayonnement’, which means ‘influence’ as well as ‘radiance’.

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Often, the names were witty puns on the originals.

It is however in the realm of informal discourse that all types of ludic word-forming – from malapropisms to homonymic puns – thrive most richly.

This is a vicious circle (pardon the pun).

Too clever by half – and yet punning is simply putting things together in a witty and unexpected way.

This is an elaborate and extensive pun on the hexachord in which the syllables are gradually assembled, line by line.

Though the punning element is usually at the end of the phrase, instances are not uncommon where the pun is formed on the first element.

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One of the more admirable things about this collection of papers is how the authors resist the almost overwhelming temptation to employ food-related, lip-smacking puns.

Rather than what sometimes seems like a list of numbers interspersed by puns, one would like to see their undoubted analytical powers deployed more vigorously.

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Political puns and jokes were heard there until 1984/1985.

This riddle is solved by the realisation that each line contains a pun.

These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. [external_footer]

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