We do not understand the notion of a “psychological” theory that is “nonindividualistic”; the individual organism is psychology’s focal level of analysis.

Yet, from the perspective of cultural psychology, protocols can still be useful research tools.


Members of the former group were all receiving treatment for an eating disorder, whereas members of the latter group were recruited from psychology classes.

Understandings from neuropsychology, cognitive psychology and learning theory are combined within a rehabilitation framework that takes account of the personal context and surrounding social system.

Our very own psychology tells us that a forceful repression is unhealthy.

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Phrenology was supposed to be part of democratic politics; it was to provide a psychology equally applicable to everyone.

He tries to turn the tables, thereby running the risk of turning philosophy into psychology.

For many years, these deficiencies were understandable as they were traced to the extended absence of viable models of personality in the field of psychology.

They visited the laboratory in a university psychology department, along with their children, who took part in another, unrelated study.

As the study of developmental psychology devotes virtually no attention to the adult years, the assumption is that development has ceased by this time.

The practical implications for investigation of mental illness of the differences and commonalities between psychopathology and psychology, for example, could be tremendous.

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It is most welcome that the journal again receives substantial papers in psychology, and that applied economists submit their work.

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Neither do we neglect the impact of differing psychologies.

According to the traditional hierarchy of the sciences, psychology is far separated from physics and mathematics by the intervening sciences of chemistry, biology, and neurophysiology.

As was the case with scientific management, defenders of behavioral psychology made ethical claims, as well as truth claims, in its favor.

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