In 1745, control of 440 sites outside the gates of temples and shrines and 227 cho within their precincts were transferred to the city magistrate.

Figure 12b shows the roof plan, lifetime precincts and programmatic areas of the scheme.


Building systems and materials of similar durabilit y are used within individual precincts.

The bounds in such precincts cannot rule out this possibility.

The bounds for these homogenous precincts provide the grounds for substantially stronger inferences.

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They had to shorten or telescope the time taken to dispose of refuse in order to prevent its decomposition within the precincts of the city.

Thus, we can conclude with certainty that members of each party in that party’s core precincts were strongly polarized on the ballot measure.

Finally, many cities did not have systematic criteria for identifying individual houses so that placing voters within their correct precincts and wards was extremely difficult.

Large shopping precincts are also being patrolled by private security companies.

There is also a sports equipment shop and residential accommodation for at least 500 people within the precincts of the building.

Supermarkets are coming into fashion and shopping precincts are becoming more common.

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The wearing of passes in the precincts has been introduced, on advice, in connection with the current situation.

Have not we gone beyond the requirements of decency and infringed upon the precincts of luxury?

When within the precincts of the workhouse they cannot be properly looked after.

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Many towns are introducing, or plan to introduce, pedestrian precincts and pedestrianised streets served by car parks and public transport.

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