Early eighteenth-century dissenting periodicals offer an extra dimension to this approach.

One has the rare opportunity to prise underneath the ‘official mind’ of patriotism, and to gauge public reaction through press reports and periodical articles.


Most participants had applied to join the programmes through announcements in the regional periodicals of the home-care organizations.

The editor is very pleased to have new (or neglected!) periodicals brought to her attention.

The multiple local public spheres and newspapers and periodicals of the time played a crucial role in this endeavor.

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The collection includes 10,000 monographs, over 3500 indexed periodicals and newspapers, approximately 24,000 posters and about 85,000 pamphlets.

Specialised libraries maintain whole collections of scientific and technical periodicals and books; this is the case for large university libraries and research institutions.

Thus, evidence for particular claims can be found in both periodicals and in the other writings of the authors associated with them.

This allows not only to denote simple non-dense generators, it also allows for loop nestings that contain arbitrary periodical sequences of sub-loops.

A whole range of periodicals, some which lasted to the end of the century and beyond, sprang up to analyze the movement’s virtues and flaws.

The abstracts are selected from some two hundred key international periodicals surveyed regularly upon their publication.

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The abstracts are selected from key international periodicals surveyed regularly upon their publication.

The abstracts are selected from key international periodicals surveyed upon their publication and are accompanied by full bibliographic information.

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In addition to the reconfiguration of the province’s administration and policies, there was periodical instability.

It did not have sufficient literary merit to appear in the leading periodicals of the period.

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