Our findings are likely to be applicable to other conditions where the pathogenesis is unclear and psychosocial factors may contribute.

The available pharmacological options are based on the pathogenesis of vomiting.


This lack of convergence suggests that our understanding of the causes and pathogenesis of mental disorders is still in its early stages.

Anomalous origin of a pulmonary artery from the ascending aorta: associated anomalies and pathogenesis.

Therefore, it cannot be excluded that parasites can have a double role in pathogenesis.

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This could have consequences for understanding the pathogenesis of the disease and for developing methods to manipulate immune responses to eliminate the parasite.

These differences include their infectivity in host cells, virulence and pathogenesis in animal models, drug sensitivity, tissue tropism, morphology, and antigenic composition.

The law of mass action applied to neurodegenerative disease: a hypothesis concerning the aetiology and pathogenesis of complex diseases.

At the within-flock level, we describe scrapie transmission using a stochastic model incorporating the available data on pathogenesis, sheep demography, genetic susceptibility and incubation times.

Understanding the mechanisms of antipsychotic drugs would greatly contribute to our knowledge on the pathogenesis of schizophrenia.

The mechanisms underlying these effects are of considerable importance, both with respect to disorder pathogenesis and in relation to drug therapy.

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It is not yet clear whether these putative markers are genetic or induced by streptococcal infection as part of the pathogenesis of acute rheumatic fever.

Although collagen weakness has been implicated in the pathogenesis of incontinence, physical markers of collagen weakness used in this study could not predict postpartum symptoms.

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However, they may not be generalizable to conditions with fewer psychosocial determinants and a clearer pathogenesis.

However, little is known about the migratory behaviour or pathogenesis of ascarid larvae in gerbils.

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