The panelists were asked to rerate these scenarios in the same manner as in the second round.

Some members of the advisory group acted as panelists interpreting the data during this workshop.


The panels followed the same assessment procedure: in round 1, the panelists individually stated their estimates of benefit for each patient on a form.

Responses from each of the panelists were compiled into a single list of factors under each subdivision: external social, internal social and political.

One panelist commented that increased scale and efficiency were important if a producer wishes to farm full-time.

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We modified problematic indications and asked three clinician panelists to evaluate the clinical usefulness of the modifications in a third panel round.

After discussion the panelists revised the indications and rated them again.

We selected the panelists from the development finance agencies sponsoring the project and from other international agencies.

To confirm the validity of our criteria, we used regression models to assess the role that each variable played in influencing the panelists’ final decision.

The audience quite rightly pointed out the lack of diversity with respect to the gender and age of the panelists.

In cases of disagreement or uncertainty, panelists made written comments that were tabulated and carefully reviewed by two study geriatricians.

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The regression models showed that symptomatology and radiology were the variables that explained most of the variability of appropriateness as determined by panelists.

Except for the panelists’ consensus statement drafting sessions, all proceedings are open to the public.

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Homescan panelists do not report the unit prices for each food item; they report the total expenditure and the quantity of each food item purchased.

If the panelist declined to participate, an alternate panelist was contacted.

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