Thus, c>0 must be a property of the optimum scheme.

It is possible that area lawsuit activity cause c-section rates to be higher than the optimum level.


Through the 1970s and 1980s, a cropping/far ming systems approach was added to the research agenda, including research on optimum rotations and cover crops.

For example, hill-climbing techniques are unsuitable for use since they get stuck in local optima.

Seeds can remain dormant and not germinate even under optimum external conditions, and must pass through certain special situations before they can germinate.

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We will produce a comprehensive spectral catalog, and provide recommendations on the optimum wavelength range, spectral resolution, and instrument sensitivity required for astronomical life detection.

The change in the prior distribution of g reduces optimum rates by at most 8 % and increases posterior expected utilities by at most £3/ha.

At present, the optimum time to image, and with what type of scanner, is extremely unclear; research is currently underway to clarify this.

From this study there does not appear to be an obvious optimum inbreeding rate as far as mean viability is concerned.

The species are ranked on the gradient according to their elevational optima.

The convergence to optimum values may be observed when the above mentioned updatings do not give larger variations in the spline coefficient variables.

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This method guarantees a score increase, but may get blocked in a local optimum.

However, this technique heavily depends on good starting points, and may fall into local optima.

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The leave-one-out method produced an optimum pitch pattern that distinguished between ‘ communicative ‘ and ‘ investigative ‘ vocalizations.

For farmers in regions that are cooler than the optimum temperature, warming would cause net revenues to go up.

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