The maxim is also a comprehensive representation of the world, a generalized description of the “real,” purporting to swallow up all particular cases.

Under the umbrella of this maxim, a wide variety of what could be called non-realist interpretations of religious belief have flourished.


It would be a mistake to give overriding significance to any one of the essay’s maxims.

This violation of a quantity maxim continues with we all five in (619), which itself, produces a sequential violation.

In its treatment of such conflicts between maxims and money, the book is a model of clarity.

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Deontologists disagree about whether deontological maxims are aimed at motivation s, deliberations, intentions, attempted actions, or completed actions.

Consequently, the goal to socialize overrides the maxim; being brief is not a priority in this interactional context.

The harm-based operation of tort law personalizes the potential consequences of our actions in a way that general maxims to “take care” do not.

There is, secondly, the reliability of the agent’s maxims.

The agent who considers himself to be acting on the more specific, allegedly universalizable maxim is deceiving himself about his true principles of action.

This too is an advice book, of course better known and greater as a text, while easily enough made to yield simple maxims.

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In the theoretical section, we consider four different maxims based on whether countries 2 and 3 are friends or rivals.

Moreover, and this is the main thing, these very propositions, maxims and values are the most important and worthwhile goals of every endeavor.

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They too condensed insights into maxims, riddles and gnomic sayings, or epigrams about prudent living and shrewd, insightful public decisions.

One of the foundations of modern linguistics is the maxim of categoricity : language is categorical.

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