Madness Iceberg EXPLAINED | Clip game mới nhất từ Bem2

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Madness Iceberg EXPLAINED | Tổng hợp những Clip game hay nhất.

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Madness Iceberg EXPLAINED


Phần kết: Vid này mất nhiều thời gian để thực hiện hơn dự kiến ​​Chỉ có sự bất hòa điên rồ tốt đẹp: Tín dụng: Tôi – Viết kịch bản, chỉnh sửa Jsoull – Tường thuật, chỉnh sửa bổ sung Raff – Tường thuật ThePiratePyro – Tường thuật Kokkare – Tường thuật, trợ giúp viết kịch bản BlackRaven – Tường thuật Dakedar – Tường thuật Jackson- Siegel – Lời tường thuật, tác giả của bài đăng ‘Madness is Dead’ không thể làm hỏng bài viết – Phụ đề tiếng Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ DaskerKS – Trợ giúp viết kịch bản + phụ đề tiếng Tây Ban Nha Happy Days – Trợ giúp viết kịch bản Deron trong Nevada sprites: Video nền từ bằng chứng tổng hợp: Bản ghi Bantuatha: (Theo thứ tự xuất hiện) Âm nhạc được sử dụng: – Cheshyre – Till Dawn – Cheshyre – Autophagy – Ristik – Violet Skies – Pendulum – Slam – The Crystal Method – Weapons of Mass Distortion – Cắt tóc cho nam – 人 気 の 女 の 子 が 笛 を 取得 – Ed Cox – Mad Clown Disease – Ed Cox – Lonely Clown – Skaven – Mercury Rain – Skaven – Mangroove – Donkey Kong Coun try – Aqua tic Ambience – Yandere Simulator OST – Schoolday – Super Mario RPG OST – Sunken Ship – Ace Combat 2 OST – Night and Day – Metin 2 OST – Enter the East – Earth – Seven Angels – Manabu Namiki – Factoid – Djjaner – Madness4Fun Collab.MP4 – Poradnik Uśmiechu OST – Zmartwienia – The Dominator – Home (Minecraft Synthwave Remix) – Serial Experiments Lain Soundtrack – Mist of a Other Dimension – Merzbow – Ananga-Ranga – Yume Nikki OST – Shield-Folk World – EarthBound OST – The Place (Hang động của quá khứ) – Call of Duty World at War OST – Eviction – Undertale OST – Waterfall (GENOCIDE) – Prurient – Falling In The Water – Terminal Passage – Synesthesiaynthisis 1-12 – Yume Nikki OST – FACE – FEAR OST – Chủ đề Menu – Yume Nikki OST – Khu định cư trong doanh trại – Goreshit – Liều thứ 4 (Phao nổi) – Người chăm sóc – Nơi trên thế giới biến mất 0:00 – Giới thiệu 0:38 – Bề mặt 9:23 – Vùng nước nông 34:21 – Bottom of the Iceberg 42:06 – Vực thẳm..

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40 Comement tại “Madness Iceberg EXPLAINED | Clip game mới nhất từ Bem2”

  1. Here to add some clarification about ROMP.fla

    The file itself was actually really old, and I had gotten it from Cryono/Fleetwire at the time when the two of them were at odds with each other. Upon opening it I realized it had Matt's original uncompressed sprite library in it, which was unheard of at the time, so I shared the file with the other GPS members for the sake of ripping assets. This in turn led to it being shared to other people I didn't know, and whoever that person was spread the file en masse which is what caused Matt to catch wind of it.
    By this time Cry/Fleet had cleared up their beef, so Matt came to me to figure out what happened, I explained, and everything got settled. Matt was originally going to bin the animation since it had been seen, but decided that Sanford and Deimos killing agents wasn't anything note-worthy to bin an animation with unique unseen (at the time) elements to it.

    Not a lot of extra details, but I figured I would fill in some holes.

  2. This has been one of the unfortunate (yet well edited) videos I've ever watched in my life. Immediately after viewing I felt empty and like a part of me just lost. Great video!

  3. Fear

    That is only word that describes me knowing this…

    I havent been in the madness comunity for that,and seeing this, knowing this…. Strikes fear in me……. I see bad history, and things i wish i could not seen, the madness comunity has seen better days….. I hope it will get better, i just hope..
    I wish i could forget the three words in the end….
    " madness is dead "

  4. I feel like i've barley scratched the surface of the madness community by watching this, there has to be thousands of hours worth of conversations and videos with every single one with a long backstory. It feels like i would have to dedicate years just to understand some of the event that take place. All of this just because i watched a TF2 dub of MC9.

  5. That last message felt so edgy, yet so true.
    Goodbye madness, at least krinkels will heal us all with the series, even if we need to wait 10 more years.

  6. Can someone explain what Seancglover has done? I'm confused

  7. This better have some reference to newgrounds rumble. Just for the culture

  8. "Now, we're all sons of bitches."
    – Kenneth Bainbridge, director of the first nuclear test.

  9. Damn, always knew people hated kelzad, but never knew why. This sheds light on it in a whole new way

  10. I jumped in this video expecting for it to uncover some interesting information. Although, as I ventured deeper into the abyss, I was taken aback by what was really lurking in the shadows.

    Now I've realized that this community fucking sucks. The toxicity and lack of originality seething from this community pisses me off. Now that this video has opened my eyes, I will be distancing myself from this community. It's a choice I'm willing to make.

  11. Great video. It really showed me something i never even though about the comunity.
    I know Madness since early 2000s, and i was just a kid at the time, seeing the animations and playing the few games around like many others, you know? "Ha ha, funny Dummy does gore and BRRRRRRR with gun". This is what got many people into it, and myself included. I personally never got into the comunity and never knew anything about it, only that it existed since there was so many tributes and fan animations about the whole concept of MC.
    I myself only watched the animations and played the games, specially PN (Classic), playing it time to time again. And when i saw about PN2 i just put it into my Steam wishlist, check the news like 2 times in a years and thats it. I never even talked to someone else who liked the series.
    And afther watching this video…. idk, it makes me happy on one hand for not getting into the comunnity, but in the other hand its sad. I love animation in general and im even studying and making it, and what got me into that was the countless flash animations and games i got across the early 2000s web, incluiding madness. So watching how much trouble and pain the comunity of a simple flash animation about edgy action cause is…. just sad. Its just a flash animation…. What went so wrong about it? I even wanted to make some Madness animations and had my ideas witht the years… but now its kinda weird making something for a community that had so many ploblems….
    Just because someone made a flash animation back in 2002. Its just sad.

    PS: I dont have anything against the many animators who really put their souls into their MC projects, i think the animation part is the best thing about MC, and what it keeps the whole thing intersting, so dont take this on a bad term. And even afther watching the video it dosent break my ideas of someday making a MC animation, its just weird thinking about MC afther all this chaos that happened as i was growing up.

  12. id watch these all the time with my older brother back in the day, i didnt even know madness was this big

  13. I should report about banthuatha in The FBI


  15. ..Where's Jesus when you need him?

  16. 49:12 what's the music?

  17. this was fucking wild

  18. A very effective use of “everywhere at the end of time” at the end there

  19. man I thought it was more about the madness lore but its just the community being shitty.

    kinda makes me a bit glad im not too involved in it

  20. Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact… same fucking thing… over and over again expecting… shit to change… That. Is. Crazy.

  21. MC lore: Ninja fight clown
    MC Community drama:

  22. 42:18 them yume nikki tunes tho

  23. 17:57 made me burst to laughter because of this! imfao

    also man… madness had a alot of drama…

  24. I never knew anything about Madness Combat, I only heard and seen it before, so now I'm gonna watch this Ice Berg! Maybe I'll learn about MC more with this video (even though people says it was a regret, I'll see why)

    Edit: nvm

  25. Madness really is a beautiful thing on this earth huh 💪

  26. This game…

  27. Yoooooooooooooooo

  28. Its impressive
    But on the other hand sad…
    I mean it's not possible for community to be united but god so many dramas out here…


  30. Константин Иванов 2021-02-26 lúc 9:01 chiều

    Я один тут русский?

  31. Man, as someone who was watching madness combat cartoons for the last 10 years[I think (now Im almost 16)] and having no idea what was happening behind the scenes, all of this feels just… Wrong. I was thinking that this iceberg will be just something about Madness Combats lore, well oh boy was I wrong. I had no idea that madness community is so toxic to eachother(especialy Kelzad). Its just sad.

  32. I miss the CSO videos

    Not the tf2 dub ones

  33. The Legendary Bowl of Cereal 2021-02-26 lúc 9:01 chiều

    Anyone got the music for the intro for the abyss?

  34. Man.

    I didn’t even know, the drama in the madness community was that bad….

  35. I just thought it was a cool game I played once a while ago

  36. Madness is definitely a good way to describe this

  37. The true "madness combat," was the combative madness of the Madness Combat community

  38. The video is more like a Madness Community Iceberg

  39. Might as well have this be lost in the sea of comments, but I lacked knowledge of a lot of this.
    I joined the Conference room of Madness but then my account was deleted, and I never bothered to join back on a new account.
    Frankly I liked the animations from the man himself and the community but I was mostly unaware of the contents of the community, this did open some sights into the workings of the community.
    Personally I don't want to see this community die despite not being as large of a fan I was previously, much like with everything else I would rather see cooperation and peace than infighting and conflicts over petty reasons.
    I know it is a distant wish as many of mine are, but I want to see unity rather than division

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