I went down there to hang out with likeminded people.

Create your own community, a network of likeminded people.


More agreeable team members responded better to likeminded leaders who expressed happiness.

Entrepreneurship has become more relationship-focused, and making new acquaintances with likeminded people became necessary.

It’s similar to how video gamers are increasingly playing and watching e-sports to connect with likeminded people.

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The group keeps a directory of unaffiliated likeminded worship centers in smaller cities.

What he appears to have meant was a more metaphorical opting out, virtual communities of likeminded dissenters tied together through technology.

And for the past three summers, he has gone to a camp for likeminded boys.

The proponents of first amendment protections for corporations argue that corporations simply represent one way of forming a group among likeminded people.

Their family holiday project sets a beautiful example, one that should inspire likeminded endeavors.

They want a place to work alongside likeminded people while not being bothered by them.

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They offer state-of-the art machinery, and likeminded people who can inspire your own creativity.

It is an incremental campaign, requiring patience, discipline and persuasion of less likeminded colleagues.

I surround myself with positive, driven and likeminded people.

They’re also metal heads who enjoy going to concerts and hurling themselves into mosh pits full of likeminded fans.

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