Lamy's Heartfelt Conversation【Hololive/Eng Sub】 | Video game mới nhất từ Bem2

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Lamy's Heartfelt Conversation【Hololive/Eng Sub】 | Tổng hợp những Video game hay nhất.

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Lamy's Heartfelt Conversation【Hololive/Eng Sub】

Nội dung này được lấy từ luồng Minecraft / uống rượu vào đêm khuya 2 ngày trước luồng 3D của Lamy. Lúc này, Lamy hét lớn rất có thể là do rượu và ở Nhật là 3h30 sáng. Hãy tiếp tục ủng hộ Lamy. Hãy theo dõi và ủng hộ (các) VTuber nổi bật của video này !!! ============================== 【Original Stream】 ☞ 【Yukihana Lamy】 ☞ ☞ 【Outro BGM】 ☞ || Âm nhạc: Giờ Cocktail || || Bởi: Aaron Kenny || 【BGM】 DOVA-SYNDROME 様 #Holive #YukihanaLamy.

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28 Comement tại “Lamy's Heartfelt Conversation【Hololive/Eng Sub】 | Video game mới nhất từ Bem2”

  1. Hilmi K. 【VTuber Clips & TLs】 2021-01-31 lúc 4:48 chiều

    Sorry for the rather somber clip.
    On the other hand, Lamy will be streaming Minecraft with Nene less than 10 minutes of posting this!!

    Go watch it to recharge some of that positive goodness energy!!!!

    >> <<

  2. I know it's hard, cause you inevitably compare yourself to the others and their numbers. But I hope that girls like Lamy, who are really hurt by this remember, that every single number you see when you look at how many people are watching your stream, every single number is a person that wants to spend their time with you, not anybody else, you.

  3. It's so unbelievably hard to pick just one when you love them all so much. I'm a huge sucker for when they speak from the heart like this, and Lamy has most definitely earned a permanent place in my heart.

  4. Only a minute and 20 seconds in and I already feel like shedding a tear. Personally, Lamy isn't and hasn't been my favorite, but I still love her like I do for everyone else. Kind of hurts watching this, but it's nice to me that they can remain positive knowing that some viewers will no longer have them as favorites and I respect that

  5. I like all the girls

  6. There are no 2nd or 3rd favorite for me, only the hard working girls that deserves the love they get

  7. It seems pretty stressful and miserable to be a YouTuber, let alone this sort of idol VTuber that requires you to get a large group of people emotionally invested in supporting you as a person. As Aki already explained, it can be hard to feel like you're falling behind or not seeing as much success as you feel is expected of you, and you'll end up blaming yourself or starting to feel like you're not as interesting or likeable as your colleagues. Or even if you're doing really well, the pressure of maintaining that momentum can also get to you, as Fubuki expressed a while ago.

  8. That was cute but in reality unless you are a top simp donator member they will not remember anything about you, not even your name, you won't be noticed as someone different from any other in chat because there are thousands of comments every minute. You do not have to worry for them to feel bad unless you are a top donator and member and you suddenly stop supporting someone.

  9. The squid in the video : hey lamy Chan nice day for fishing ain't it hu ha!

  10. Your not alone and you never will be alone cause you are loved by a lot of people ❤️❤️💙💙

  11. That's how mothers are. There is a time when their children thought their mother is the only one they need, but as they grow up, they will find someone else and move on. But "moving on" does not mean to forget completely, the children simply grow bigger hearts to like even more people.

  12. Who did this to Lamy-chan!!!

  13. ah this is what that tweet was about

  14. While I admit I have quite a number of favourites in Hololive, I have an "oshi" for every gen. In the case of the 5th gen, it's Lamy, and will always be Lamy.

  15. Yep, that's our Lamy alright. It's moments like these that keep me supporting her more and more. Behind that gentle smile and care free laugh is a girl who just wants to be cared about and accepted. That's why we must protect this smile with all our might. Lamy seems like a fragile girl deep down and so like our most precious loved one must be treated with the care and love she deserves. She'll always be my number 1 for so many reasons, even if I might get busy and don't leave as many comments for her on twitter or on her vids, she's always in my thoughts. I probably should let her know how much she means to me more than I do, but alas I am a very privet man on such matters.

  16. She care her yukimin so much that why we love her she always has been like this she didn't​ change anything​ for the first we meet her she always my on my list

  17. If i can find a girl like lamy i am the most happoest man in the world

  18. I'm be honest, I have 2 memberships that I rotate like every other month and try to focus on some of the others to spread out support and learn more about ones I don't know a lot about. I've been really enjoying Aki and Roboco this cycle.

  19. this made my day, i like these super wholesome streams that i missed out on…..

  20. Even if Lamy is not my first favorite Holomember (my personal favorites are Watame,Haachama,Shishiron and Polka) I always respect the effort that all the members put in their streams and without any doubt I'm not going to forget any of the Holomembers anytime soon (and possibly never),and to Lamy:Don't worry,many people considerate you as their favorite and no one is going to forget you.

  21. 2:34 She said her piece and looked right into your soul. I felt like I was listening to a confession, but it’s not just for me but for everyone lol

  22. Lamy’s heartfelt conversation… I felt that. I felt her sorrow and loneliness while watching her live. I only understood a little bit of what Lamy said since I only know basic Japanese, but her sincere feelings reached me. I can say this without a doubt, even in the long future ahead of me, that Lamy will forever be my #1 no matter what happens and what she does. Lamy, I love you now and will always love you. You will always be my favorite vtuber

  23. I really felt these words, if it wasn't for Hololive I would have be worse off. I'll never stop supporting them

  24. Only when we've been emotionally burned will we learn to mature about how our favourites come and go, whether it be anime, musicians, food, content creators, video games.

    Streamers are just a new paradigm, the parasocial, a new take on an old concept. They sell their time for ours in an ever growing and saturating market. It's just how the entertainment industry is.

  25. No Lamy, Our love for every member of hololive never gonna change… un my case, i found Hololive because this pandemic and was amazing… i really grateful to YAGOO

  26. Kawaii <333

  27. Respect to Lamy for sharing her personal feelings. I’m sure many of the other Hololive members feel their fair share of insecurities when it comes being overshadowed by other members or losing their fans. Even though they’re Hololive life is dreamlike and they get more adoration then one person can ever want or need, it is painful to contemplate for both the streamer and viewer over wanting to be seen as each other's number one.

  28. I see you in the comments translating!

    Thanks for the translations! I really love when people translate these clips, shows a difference side to them you don't usually see in clips

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