Political ideology also plays a role in explaining abstention, and it is an intriguing one.

Stimulated and intrigued, they learned to distrust old methods and to fear charges of despotism if they made legitimate use of their powers.


How sodium channels become clustered at the node, what maintains this organization, and how they are reassembled after injury, are intriguing questions of fundamental importance.

The implications of the effects of age on support for more or less hard-line parties on both sides of the communal divide are intriguing.

The one that intrigues him the most is manipulating the dimensionality of issue space.

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His course somehow intrigued me because it seemed less flaky than a lot of economics.

Students of public opinion have long been intrigued by the concept of political tolerance.

Perhaps they just find it intriguing to find that people speaking vary pitch, as if they were singing.

Given that fact, the structural problem early theorists had with this response makes it intriguing regarding a comparative psychology of uncertainty monitoring.

There is, for instance, intriguing evidence that seemingly tiny procedural differences can make a large difference to behavior.

Relations between comprehension and production systems are of great interest in child language, and the potential links to adult processing systems are intriguing.

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She was puzzled and intrigued, because she had no idea what a phrasal verb might be.

The implications are as obvious as they are intriguing.

The unusual result of an increase in birth interval on either side of children ever suffering from kwashiorkor is intriguing.

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The formal connections between the two approaches are not obvious but would be intriguing to investigate.

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