How To Move Overseas / Different Server | Play Together

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Hello! This is how you change can move to overseas or change server in Play Together! 💖

I hope this video helps 💖

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  1. Hello!💖

    I hope this video helps! ✨

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    Happy Gaming Y'all!💖

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  2. i want to go to kampung indonesia but my game server just english town and global town..

  3. How can i download in IOS?

  4. How to change the server on iPhone?

  5. Jasmine i want help can you upload video of how to change religion in play together

  6. My app store doesn’t have bunny vpn proxy:((

  7. Thank you, I was stuck in Russia!

  8. I will send you a request in Play Together my name is OviAriel

  9. Hi i was in east asia and when i was trying to go back to asia i accidentally exited and i now cant play cause im stuck,how do i get in??

  10. new explorer travel n tours 2021-09-03 lúc 8:59 sáng

    i dont do this overseas

  11. Why there's no Poland?

  12. I have an iPhone and my friend have android hers saying over seas and I can’t invite her or summon her to my server can anyone help please ?

  13. Is jasmine yt your new id

  14. For me it is not working what to do pls tell me

  15. If it's not working you should just redownload the app! It will work

  16. ᴋᴀʀᴛʜɪᴋ ᴋɪɴɢ 2021-09-03 lúc 8:59 sáng

    Karthik king

  17. Not working..

  18. How many servers are there?

  19. ur lvl 4 how did u get 12k alredy

  20. Pls help me im from philippines server but when the update begins last month i experience that i go to taiwan server chinese and korean peoples and i dont even understand them pls help me i almost experiencing this over a month i can't play playtogether with my friends in philippines because of this. I dont use vpn or anything its just that after the update mu server went different😭

  21. Hi! Is this still working for you after the latest update?

    I've heard from others that vpn stopped working for play together, but only very recently. It's my first time trying but I can't make it work either.

  22. Hi, is this working till now?

  23. After the update an error 10027 pops up which says server address not found you have any idea how to fix that?

  24. Hello! I have a question. So I made my friend download this game today and it says she's •Moved Overseas we tried meeting in same spots but we couldn't see each other it doesn't have the option to follow or summon please help me! We really want to play together because she rarely have time

  25. Didn't exactly work, does anyone else know how to move overseas without VPN?? Using VPN still doesn't work or change anything.

  26. Thx, it helped! Although I had to use Singapore not USA.. but it still worked so thx!! 🙂

  27. How can i go back to Asia server

  28. Oh thank you so much! I've been searching a way to use vpn, but they didn't work, but by your video, I found a way, thanks and goodluck about your videos!

  29. How does it work if I'm from the US?

  30. Amazing video 👍💕

  31. This was great. I see you master this game. 😁👍🏾👍🏾

  32. u got a new haircolor!!!! thats cool!!!

  33. Fantasticcc 🔥🔥💜💜
    love it

  34. Pls accept my request

  35. Your wallpaper is so cute Jaz (=^・ω・^=)

  36. Wow, i didn’t know there is more town haha

  37. Loved your video my friend.👍👍

  38. Hi.. Nice vlog.. Informatif..👍

  39. Genia Chatterjeeroll9 VC 2021-09-03 lúc 8:59 sáng

    Thanks jazmine but pls add me as a friend……..I sended you a friend request 🥰🥰

  40. Can I play with you big fan my name is REXXON

  41. Thx jaz ive been rlly wanted this

  42. Hi 🙋‍♀️

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