This more holistic approach is supposedly reflected in the importance now accorded to social and psychological aspects of the disabling process.

This holistic analysis has suggested that the term is somewhat insufficient in characterising power relations.


Today, every healthcare professional may find himself responsible for patients whose care depends on a holistic understanding of completely different social, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

All branches of nursing have since evolved towards a more holistic approach to care.

For one consequence of the holistic view of church and commonwealth was that religious issues were very easily politicized.

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It is often feasible to produce a succinct, holistic view that encapsulates the essentials of the space-form of an acousmatic work.

A holistic approach was adopted to define the performer’s interaction with the computer.

On holistic coherence theories, the base contains a whole range of legal materials.

They distinguish between algorithmic comparisons and non-algorithmic comparisons, which correspond, roughly, to component comparisons and holistic comparisons.

Both syntax and prosody provide holistic construction schemata that are realized with flexible beginnings and ends, as well as flexible details of their internal structure.

Two approaches have been used in anchoring holistic utility values.

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This paper explores dynamic approaches to categorizing and gendering artefacts for more holistic investigations of artefact assemblages.

Rehabilitation nursing has aspirations towards a more holistic approach which stresses health and wellness rather than disability and illness.

For the right hemisphere disconnected from the left one, the world is holistic but not polysemantic.

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He thus covered the three main divisions of the holistic concept of culture.

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