GODZILLA VS KONG Surrenders To ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE | Daily Show | Video game mới nhất từ Bem2

Có phải bạn đang muốn xem Clip game mà Bem2 cung cấp phải không? Có phải bạn đang tìm chủ đề ender’s game clip 1 phải không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem những thông tin về bài viết này tại đây nhé.

GODZILLA VS KONG Surrenders To ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE | Daily Show | Tổng hợp những Video game hay nhất.

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GODZILLA VS KONG Đầu hàng ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE | Chương trình hàng ngày 👉Luke Evans Tham gia Phim PINOCCHIO của Disney +! 👉Misha Green Directing TOMB RAIDER Sequel! 👉 Dòng JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK của JJ Abrams vẫn đang được phát triển! 👉Warner Bros dời ngày phát hành GODZILLA VS KONG! 👉GODZILLA VS KONG BẤT NGỜ VÌ SỰ CHÂN THÀNH CÔNG LÝ CỦA ZACK SNYDER! 👉David Ayer Thích Hỗ trợ #ReleaseTheAyerCut! 00:00 Giới thiệu 00:19 Pinocchio 01:29 Tomb Raider 03:30 Justice League Dark 06:33 Godzilla Vs Kong Di chuyển cho Justice League của Zack Snyder 16:45 Phát hành The Ayer Cut 20:06 Câu hỏi dành cho thành viên Chào mừng bạn trở lại Ping Pong Flix Hiển thị cho tất cả các chủ đề Giải trí cập nhật trong DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Godzilla, Power Rangers và hơn thế nữa! Tên tôi là Chris Wong-Swenson và tôi là Nhà báo YouTube thảo luận, đưa tin và suy đoán về tất cả các thể loại phim và chương trình trong ngành giải trí! 🌭Hỗ trợ kênh của tôi và tham gia với tư cách thành viên để có quyền truy cập vào các đặc quyền và nội dung bổ sung Nhấp vào đây để tham gia 👉 NGUỒN: 🌭 🌭 🌭 🌭 Theo dõi tôi trên Twitter: Theo dõi tôi trên Instagram: Theo dõi tôi trên Facebook: Theo dõi tôi trên LinkedIn: SUBSCRIBE DÀNH CHO TIN GIẢI TRÍ HÀNG NGÀY Nghe podcast của tôi hàng tuần, các tập vào mỗi cuối tuần tại các trang web sau: 🌭ANCHOR – 🌭SPOTIFY – 🌭BREAKER – 🌭GOOGLE PODCASTS – 🌭OVERCAST – 🌭POCKET CASTS – 🌭 Kiểm tra Amazon Store của tôi 👉 Bạn có thể gửi cho tôi gửi thư tới: Chris Wong-Swenson PO Box 11618 Honolulu, HI 96828 Intro / Outro – “Epic Song” của Box Cat Games ————————– ——————- Intro / Outro Music của 95TurboSol – Final Stand: Music được cung cấp bởi bản quyền Free Music: Music used: For You King của Ender Güney Được cấp phép theo Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Epic Game / Hybrid / Soundtrack / Tactical / War music: Alex Lisi – Special Operations. Theo dõi Alex Lisi -Youtube: ——————————————-..


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49 Comement tại “GODZILLA VS KONG Surrenders To ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE | Daily Show | Video game mới nhất từ Bem2”

  1. Im excited about the JL Snyder cut, but at the same time, idk.It could be very crappy as well.Sometimes i feel people forget more isnt necessarily good.Lets not forget, Snyders made some pretty crappy films as well….

  2. So are the human characters are supposed to be bad in the Godzilla movies? It seems lazy to brush it off as its part of the Godzilla experience to have bad human characters. I hated the human characters in Godzilla King of the Monsters. They were so cliche I didn't even care. Well except Ken Wanatobe's character who believed in Godzilla. Eric Blake is okay, but he needs to chill out with the Amy Adams obsession.

  3. I have a fat crush on Alicia, I loved Tomb Raider and Ex Machina.

  4. could godzilla and king kong survive Darseid's omega beams though?

  5. Oh god why can’t Snyder do Justice League Dark and tie it to the Nightmare scene spin-off that way it would feel much more natural. I’m always hearing JJ Abrams kills Franchise’s. Besides for anything DC I want Snyder only.

  6. Hello Chris!! The Release date of Snyder Cut is 24th or 26th March and Second i have send you message in Instagram because I want to buy me a Blue T-shirt of Darkseid in Medium size.

  7. I don't think the word Surrender is proper

  8. Kong is thicc

  9. -“my cousins over the water” lol 👍🏽

  10. Being selfish here, but still hoping there will be a limited theatrical release! Also for a real bad ass ZSJL movie poster

  11. Dude. If you think for 1 minute this wasn’t a power play by WB to make ZSJL fans kneel you are mistaken. And it worked.

    When you got a jack wagon out there trying to get multiple WB top people fired, you will get push back. I can promise you this was all done because of Ray Fisher.

    We can make pretend up like it doesn’t matter when it’s released all we want. But the fact is we want the headlines on every newspaper the day it comes out and all weekend long. We do. It’s that simple.

    This was a simple WB showing us that they still hold the power to ZSJL & they can make it as big as we want or as small!!

    Point being? We need to stop tryin to get people fired all over the internet from WB just cause Ray Fisher told you so

  12. I cannot wait for ZSJL! I haven't been this excited for a movie release since BvS in 2016. I have a feeling it really is going to be epic beyond words!
    Don't have much interest in Godzilla vs Kong though.

  13. Kong vs godzilla is over the top??? NOOOOOOOOO WAY!! THATS IMPOSSIBLE!!! YOU MEAN GIANT APES ARE NOT REAL!!?!!?

  14. Control Ultimate Edition is a Feb ps plus freebie…Just heads up.

  15. I got HBO Max for Snyder cut but I'm stoked I will see Godzilla vs Kong. So stoked for both

  16. Considering how Jim Lee helped Zack put together the 5 part arc, I'd say he's got a good motivation to see it through. We just need to let him know we have his back.

  17. Hey Chris! Some note on the scheduling, for everyone watching: The #AmyAdamsLoisLane event is three hours after the #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague event. (I'd flat out say the times, but apparently YouTube deletes posts that do that. 😑)

  18. Y'know, even with GvK moving down a week (VICTORY!!!), it's still makes sense to move ZSJL a bit earlier, so it'll be prominent in all discussions and publicity as long as possible, before GvK comes out. I still say the first weekend of March would be best, if they want to stay in March. Yes, it goes against the WandaVision series finale…but to be honest, is that really much competition?

  19. I think people wanna see Kong vs Godzilla more than the JL movie.

  20. Hey Chris, regarding JJ's JL Dark: Connections to the Snyderverse or Berlanti-verse aside, the question is… Will his JL Dark be connected to the Swamp Thing series? I'd say that connection is pretty much vital to ensure that the series returns for real, on HBO Max.

  21. SuperFriends😍GODZiLLA💙& 💛ZAcK💛Still Going For It😳🥳😮😉🤔🥰😉🤔☺️😊😘😳😍

  22. 🔥Godzilla🔥With🤔Pacific Rim🤔Not really sure if this is true but I’m not surprised that it’s been discussed in someway this is just a rumor🤫😉😮😳

  23. this great news zach the man

  24. Hey Chris, really proud of you and your channel’s success!
    QUESTION: We’ve seen a Godzilla v Kong trailer. The Snyder cut will probably come out earlier than Godzilla v Kong. So are you worried that the Snyder cut won’t get enough marketing publicity since were still waiting on the final trailer, and just a little over a month away from its release?
    Thank you so much. 👍

  25. My 3️⃣ fan theories (potential spoilers ahead. Viewer discretion advised 😁)
    1️⃣I think whoever made mecha g is not only using it to frame the real godzilla for whatever reason, but also to get their way(money power status WORLD DOMINATION etc).
    2️⃣i think Kong fights mecha g first, then attacks the real deal thinking it's the one he fought(of course then they teamup to destroy the imposter after its exposed)
    3️⃣i think the little girl with the Kong doll is an indigenous person from skull Island they kidnapped to manipulate kong and keep him calm

  26. positive high ppl. be the Sativa. we are not, downers! safety first, then teamwork. haha, we need that ayerCut. team kong boi

  27. JJ Abrahams will more likely to link with Zack Snyder Justice League.

  28. As pertaining to the zsjl trailer first week of February, Super bowl 🏈 Sunday is the 7th

  29. WB is really bad at this. Why should I keep giving them money after ZSJL?

  30. That save Mothra joke was hilarious a few days ago, now it's lost the shine. But screw WB for trying to screw up Zack's release date. I'm hype for both of these films, regardless!

  31. Yes Chris that was indeed my intention lol… and I guessed you would pick Jason and predator! Superman and Godzilla were a given haha. Now we need to see that epic showdown of a movie (I can dream). What do you think of the monsterverse continuing on after GVK? I would be down for solo movies starring mothra and rhodan. Speaking of Godzilla… are you aware there was almost a bonkers crazy batshit (pun intended) Adam west Batman vs. toho Godzilla film made? I believe the script is available to read online… thought this could be a great contender for an editorial! One last thing… who do you think will be showcased for the next ZSJL t-shirt? My money is on black suit Superman 🤘🤘

  32. Who do you have to sleep with for your first movie to be a huge Hollywood blockbuster? This movie will bomb

  33. March 25th was the release date of Batman v Superman. It would make sense to release Justice League on that same day!

  34. Darkseid is… making Kaiju fans wait. 😯

  35. Ok then. I hope both Zack Snyder's Justice League and Godzilla vs. King Kong do well! Remember, don't lose both the date and subscribing. We need to make Zack Snyder's Justice League and Godzilla vs. Kong epic!

  36. Didn't Zack say the trailer is coming in January?

  37. Grace randolph decided to say march 18th b/c THE CULTURED NERD came a Day earlier and said the release date was March 18-20 Grace is just a liar

  38. When it comes JLD and ZSJL possibly coming together, I mean that it would still follow zacks 5 part arc but it can now have even MORE back story with JLD characters and LEAD into apokolips war and have scream seasons of build up with Zack and JJ.

    That’s what I mean. Instead of films trying to tie to zsjl, it could be JLD actually tying into it.

  39. Tom Hanks would be geppetto…

  40. Can't Wait for Godzilla Vs Kong #TeamKong !

  41. As long as JJ isn't writing I'm down.

  42. I hope the snyder cut come in 11 March, is the best date b cos its a week after the end of wandavision and a week before falcon and the winter soldier, so in that week could really shine ZSJL
    here in argentina we get a one week theatrical realase of the irishman, hope we have it with ZSJL too

  43. Alicia Vikander and Alexander Skarsgard could have been a better casting as Hawkgirl and Hawkman in any upcoming DCEU movies. It would be an awesome combination even for a stand-alone origin film.

  44. 😠Yea rumor: JL and GvK will be released back to back potentially to ruin view count for JL unfortunately. I'm happy that JL is coming out on top.

  45. Mario El bendición de dios 2021-02-03 lúc 1:45 chiều

    Make the review 3 hours lol 😂 we love hearing you talk Chris

  46. When the Snyder cut final trailer is going to come????

  47. So crazy my two most anticipated movies are in competition

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