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36 Comement tại “Game Party | Play Together”

  1. i Have Play Together Too

  2. Love play together

  3. I feel so sorry and bad for those player who lost this game party and they are falling to death due to being knocked down by a black tablet with a ❌ and i, the shark puppet feels bad for them.

  4. You so good

  5. Subscribe to Alpha 11 bro pls

  6. What you happen your old id?

  7. My play together

  8. Hi gardozen do u remember me
    Unicorncandy13 please friend me my sis foxygirl124 is ur friend

  9. Wow u are so lucky Gardozen98

  10. Who disliked this awesome video they are fruit sellers😂

  11. Seems like your account is back 😃 so your Arthur84 and kezzesIndrath account would've deleted. I was your friend in the kezzes one, could I be in this too? Name- Flora564

  12. I just dont why the hammer one is so rare i know it can only happen when there is one other person left but still i rarely get and the coloring one like how the f am i supposted to get goof at the hammer one if they never ever give it too me

  13. I also did go to last round but didn't win 😒

  14. Gordozen98 I am your friend arihant .pls be my friend .my I'd is arihant0 OK bro .
    How are your gordozen.

  15. he's good in infinity tower too i played there with him

  16. Bro i gave the premium egg hope you add me may user name is DylanCody =)

  17. Amazing 👏

  18. 🌺xX Janissa GEMZ Xx🌺 2021-09-12 lúc 6:48 chiều

    I got a question for u: which device u use to play?

  19. Can. I be your friend name lucky 203

  20. hi!
    can i know what app do you use to record your gameplay? i tried to record my gameplay but it always lags badly 😕.
    thanks in advance ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ

  21. hai kamu dimana sekarang?😅

  22. Hi gardozzen it's me maica11

  23. I watch your vids and I love them very much 😍 you should get 1milion subs
    My username is ᴀғʀɪɴシ︎ in the game

  24. Wow you played really well. Congo Brother 🙂

  25. So cute and amazing hahaha🙂

  26. Just now i saw u online and I follow u and I do my daily mission

  27. Hi gardozen im Roby in play together,do you remember me when we played tower of infinity

  28. so nice video wow

  29. Hi,gardozen😇Can or can't you use my car if you can't, but I hope you can use the car

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