Fishing 101 : Fish Like a Pro in Play Together Pt. 2

Playing it more, gives me a better understanding of how fishing works. I want to share this with you guys! Thanks for watching!

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37 Comement tại “Fishing 101 : Fish Like a Pro in Play Together Pt. 2”

  1. ảo thật đấy bro có thể share lucky cho me ko

  2. ♡• ଘ QuenieStxrr ଓ •♡ 2021-09-06 lúc 6:38 chiều

    i got a shark😳

  3. hey is it true i should observe tail wagging too?

  4. when its super big do u have to tap faster?

  5. Today shadows arent that small

  6. I got a crowned killer whale and the whole lobby exploded

  7. From small size shadow u can get blobfish dumbo octopus or seahorse

  8. This video is very very useful because I hate repairing and I ever saw big shadow but I never catch big fish because it’s so hard to catch cuz too fast and I only met twice😭😭
    And btw did you just used a wood to catch a shark??!!!!!! Wth?????!!!!!!! I never met it even using the expensive one🤧

  9. i got a crowned filefish is it uncomon

  10. Do you have to spam the button?

  11. Wow can't believe it I catch tuna, shàrk,ocensunfish,spearfish, dolphin

  12. Is the amateur rod worth it?

  13. I saw big fish shadow 2 times but I couldn't tap fast 😓 It disappears much faster than the rest of the fishes

  14. What to do about "i was too slow" times

  15. Can't believe I saw 28 Big Shadows today And caught 7-8 from them 4 Crowned 😁😁 I've uploaded

  16. I'm getting a lot of scorpion fish and rockfish nowadays from ocean… and skygazer from camp.. poor luck

  17. Editing app?

  18. What rod do you recommend for us?

  19. When the mark comes do we have to hold the button or keep pressing it🥲🥲

  20. Everytime I get a large ass shadow my line snaps and I have the 30 gem rod 😠

  21. Salamat luffy wait filipino kapo ba

  22. Guys add me my name is Panchoo. I’ll give you Hearts every day and we can go fishing

  23. How exactly to fish sir? Someone said in public that you just need to hold the button when the fish is biting the bait but what exactly is the right way?

  24. I really Love the Way you reassemble Monkey D. Luffy ❤️😂

  25. That’s not true I keep getting big shadows and they’re just the bigger types of grey common fish!

  26. how many time do u tap the fishing button and at what speed? fast or slow? i always fail to get the bigger shadows because the line snaps

  27. Bruh its so hard to fish because its always a surprise like you dont know when the fish is gonna get the bait

  28. If the line snaps, does it counts towards lowering the durability?

  29. I hv seen big shadows but the line always snaps😭

  30. Did you have enough time to look at the chart good

  31. Let’s learn about fish rarity level

  32. I keep getting car doors literally 8 in a row.

  33. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  34. This video is clickbait

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