The plant is spiny, yet lacks preserved anatomy, and the single fertile specimen is not well enough preserved to demonstrate the exact arrangement of sporangia.

E-markets provide a fertile ground for deceitful participants to engage in old as well as new types of fraud.


In the other organs, 50.0% of the infections were fertile and the remainder (50.0%) sterile (table 5).

In most of the open steppe belt the soil is fertile black earth.

The inhabitants occupied numerous small pieces of arable land rendered fertile by the surrounding wetlands.

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Cysts are generally fertile in the wild intermediate host species.

Females with a length of 135-250 mm and males 115 mm were recorded as fertile and fecund.

Females with a length of 125-135 mm and males of 105-115 mm were both recorded as fertile (within the pre-patent period of infection).

The reasons for the variance and the trade-offs that may be taking place provide fertile ground for future research.

With fertile soils, generally plentiful rainfall and sufficient land, subsistence and commercial production could be substantially increased in both regions.

The more fertile land suitable for groundnut production tends to be some distance from habitation.

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All cysts were declared fertile (presence of protoscoleces) by veterinarians following a microscopic check.

Testing a stockless arable organic rotation on a fertile soil.

In the same way, a reduction in levels of popular discontent would have meant that revolutionary syndicalism found less fertile terrain for agitation.

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Note that vertex 1 became fertile at t = 3.

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