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However, faster implementations will ultimately depend on better understanding of the algorithmic aspects of reasoning with logic programs under the stable model semantics.

The reproduced seedling families grew faster than and outyielded all the clones in all four crosses, although they showed no gain in yield efficiency.

The fastest switchingon rate that produces a chronic infection is 0n03 % per generation.

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Table 2 shows the fastest parallel runtime and the speedup for the number of processors at which that time was achieved for each program.

On the other hand, the tree automaton approach is clearly the fastest.

Even without further optimization, this implementation of balanced binary search trees is one of the fastest around.

As a result, constructive transformations proceed faster than destructive transformations.

Yes, faster machines with more memory are good, too.

Slower or faster speeds will time stretch contract the file as described above.

Before each test, animals were fasted overnight but had free access to water.

We will show that the optimal policy should have the fastest server as the flexible one.

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To meet sophisticated functional specifications of products in modern manufacturing, it becomes cost effective to have faster and more accurate dimensional inspection systems.

In addition, a faster overall cycle time can be achieved which reduces the costs of consumables such as shielding gas.

Furthermore, very high flux instruments at third-generation sources and faster area detectors have considerably increased the accessible time resolution.

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Other tools under discussion are added-value services like faster decisionmaking processes or feedback from the administration and later deadline of the application or report.

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