Most of the new players contributing to the growth in organic production must necessarily be conventional farmers converting to organics.

Many organic vegetable and fruit farmers said that they irrigate to guard against production risks.


This is under the assumption that farmers are risk neutral and that net farm returns () represent wealth.

Which farmers and which regions will be the early adopters of the new technology in developing countries?

As a main success factor, all of the farmers reported the intensity of relations between the self-harvesters and the farmers.

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For all farm categories, current acreage increased from 5 years in the past, and farmers predicted further increases in the future.

On the other hand, farmers without off-farm employment might have time to manage their systems intensively in order to achieve pesticide use reduction.

Would beginning farmer programs especially geared for small farms that supplied food locally increase interest in local food systems?

The processes and successes of two farmer research projects were studied.

The farmers provided various suggestions for possible improvements in the distribution of available irrigation water.

As a simplified representation of the farm labour force, the farmer carries out tasks on both sows and batches.

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By-products of trees provide farmers in many countries with useful material or cash.

External benefits and costs that may be related to such investments are ignored since rational farmers are unlikely to be concerned about off-site effects.

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For studies such as surveys of farmer practice or multidisciplinary trials involving whole systems, plots are unlikely to be relevant.

Given that local farmers’ response to the first two phases of reform had been characterised by a growing sense of ambivalence this seemed unlikely.

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